Performing A Job Hazard Analysis At Your Workplace

You have been asked to perform a job hazard analysis (JHA) at your place of employment. Which method would you use to perform the JHA? Explain your choice.

Job hazard analysis (JHA) is very important in any work environment since it guides an organization on the best measures to employ to reduce hazards. To analyze job analysis hazards at my work place I will use the method that involves a number of steps to complete the analysis. The first step would be identifying types of jobs that need to be analyzed. This will include jobs containing the highest rates of illness or injuries, jobs with the ability to cause disabling or severe illness or injuries, even without previous accidents history. Other jobs to be considered would include jobs where simple human errors would result to severe injury or accident, jobs which are novel to normal operations or where changes in procedures or processes has been imposed and jobs which are highly complex to need written instructions. This should be done by involving workers, reviewing company accident history, and carrying out preliminary job review. The analysis will involves listing hazards that are found in each job, seriousness of the hazard, and frequency of occurring or possibility of the hazard occurrence. This will then be used to rank the jobs based on the hazards with those demonstrating high level of severity receiving the highest priority downward.To enhance effecting analysis and recording a documentation of identified hazards should be listed in each analyzed job. Measures to handle the hazards with intentions of mitigating them or completely eliminating them should be done.

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