Reflection on GHS Safety Data Sheet Chemical Incompatibilities Section

Incompatible chemicals refer to chemicals that react when mixed to cause a great threat to safety and health through formation of toxic materials, fire, or explosion. It is therefore important to have good understanding of chemical incompatibility at the workplace to avoid mixing incompatible chemical subjecting the company, workers, and other stakeholders into the danger whose magnitude can only be measure by the outcome. Normally, the extent of the hazard is determined by the amount of each chemical and the condition of their encounter. It can thus be very severe to cause serious injuries, disabilities or even death. It can also result to destruction of company structures in the surrounding. It is therefore important to understand chemical reaction and chemical incompatibility well and to ensure that those who do not understand chemical reactions and incompatibility do not mix any two chemicals or any chemical with water or expose any chemical to the air as an experiment. Those dealing with chemical will need to understand section 7 of the new GHS safety data sheet to be able to avoid any mistake of mixing two incompatible chemicals. To ensure high level of safety in chemical sector the company uses the reactivity management roundtable (RMR) to predict possible reaction of chemicals while mixed, and to determine if there is a warning of possible incompatibility between two or more chemicals. This increases the level of chemical safety in the organization, reducing or eliminating possible threats. 

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