Pharmacology – Metoprolol And Ezetimibe

Studies have indicated that metoprolol is highly effective medicine that inhibits the release of adrenaline that increases the heartbeat of the patient. The medicine are effective in managing high blood pressure and other range of heart condition. Metoprolol is one of the beta-blocker used in managing hypertension. Metoprolol works by reducing adrenaline’s impact on the eyes, the bladder, the lungs, blood vessels and heart muscles, thus reducing the repeated heart attack that the patient would experiences. Additional evidence indicated that metoprolol which is a cardio-selective prevent 3.8 deaths per 100 patients that experiences heart failure in the first year of treatment(Dasbiswas, & Debasri, 2010). Nonetheless, metoprolol is known to effective work as an additional drug or second step in mitigating high blood pressure. Studies indicated that metoprolol is very effective when administered in combination with other blood pressure drugs. Analysis indicated that metoprolol is effective in preventing cardiovascular and stroke related diseases as compared to placebo. However, when used exclusive, low-dose of diuretics were more effective in reducing heart attacker risks.

Further studies indicated that metoprolol are very safe medicine for the past 40 years that have been widely used across the world. There has not been any conclusive irreversible or serious long-term negative side effect for the many years that have been used in the world. Side effects are mild and some patients might not experience these side effects(Srinivasa, et al., 2013). Common side effects associated with metoprolol include erectile dysfunction in men, reduced libido, disturbing dreams, depression, weight gain, coldness or tingling of skin, toes or fingers, numbness, difficult breathing, low blood pressure, slow heartbeat, lightheadedness, dizziness or drowsiness. Studies have shown that when metoprolol is administer concurrently with ezetimibe, the side effect may make some patients to stop from taking medicine because the side are intolerable. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that side effects varies depending with tolerance levels of the patients. Loss sexual desire or mild depression is challenging to many people.

Ezetimibe works by inhibiting cholesterol absorption, thus preventing the passage of dietary and biliary cholesterol across the intestinal wall(Yoon, et al., 2009). Studies have shown that concurrent administration of works effectively to improve lipids parameter such as triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and total cholesterol as well as reducing LDL-C levels. Empirical evidence indicated that management of dyslipidemia and hypertension requires the combination of ezetimibe and metoprolol, as well as exercises and dietary.

Gender difference, race and age

            Both ezetimibe and metoprolol are less effective to some races such as African-Americans, but very effective in all other races. Nonetheless, there is no specific cardio-selective beta-blocker that has shown to be safer and effective than the other in any other ethnic group or African-Americans(Bissonnette, et al., 2006). In addition, there is no empirical evidence that have shown that metoprolol is more or less effective in women than the men or vice versa as well as for any other particular group.

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