Article Summary – Current Status Of Clinical Nursing Specialists And Demands Of Osteoporosis Specialized Nurses In Mainland China

Xu, T., Jun-xiao, L., Yi, L., Ma, L., Wang, Y., Cao, H. & Song, G. (2014). Current status of clinical nursing specialists and demands of osteoporosis specialized nurses in Mainland China. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 1: 306-313.

According to this article, unlike the family nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists performs specification of a functional role. They are expected to provide expert care to the patients suffering from acute or chronic illness such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart failure, diabetes mellitus and trauma(Xu, et al., 2014). The clinical nurse specialists performs direct nursing service and develops a nursing plan in order to meet the needs of the patients as well as provide cost effective care in the community, homes and health care facility. In addition, clinical nurse specialists provide evidence-based care and care-related information. Clinical nurse specialists are also responsible for educating the caregivers, family, staff and patients. The role of educator overlaps with the consultant role in clinical nurse specialty. It is important to note that the consultancy role of clinical nurse specialists should not be confused with the consultant nurse. The consultancy role involves a specialized expertise that assists the staff, client or health care system to resolve problems.

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