Article Summary – Clinical Nurse Specialist, a New age Healthcare, Implementation Challenges in Nigeria

Dauda, S., Yahaya, H. & Lola, N. (2015). Clinical Nurse Specialist, a New age Healthcare, Implementation Challenges in Nigeria. Journal of Research in Nursing and Midwifery, 4(4): 059-065.

This article addresses the challenges facing clinical nurse specialist in the new age healthcare. According to this article clinical nurse specialist is an advanced nurse practice that focuses on a specific care for patient population in clinical setting. Clinical nurse specialists focuses on specific type of diseases including cardiovascular, diabetes diseases among others. The daily routine of clinical nurse specialists include management, consulting, research, teaching and clinical practice. According to this article, clinical nurse specialists encounters challenges in their daily practice such as barriers to the title, billing and reimbursement problem, ambiguity of roles and implementation of scientific findings. In many countries, the implementation of clinical nurse specialists faces hurdles due to monopolistic doctors in healthcare system and lack of policies to support the program. The article concluded that clinical nurse specialists would significantly improve health care delivery in the rural and remote areas where there are no nurses

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