PI and Proof – Movies Review

Proof is a movie that shows Robert’s struggle to make a mathematical proof to a mathematical problem or theory that the viewer was not made to understand. Robert is a renowned mathematician and had a legacy of solving extensive mathematical issues. However, he did not manage to proof the most important aspect of mathematics that he was working on. He got a mental situation which made him lose touch with reality and eventually dies. The mathematical problem he was trying to work on was eventually proofed by his daughter Catherine, despite those in her surrounding doubting her ability to do so.

PI is a movie that demonstrates how Max tried to solve various life problems using mathematical code. Max a renowned mathematician tried to run a certain code which he believes is the lock to all questions in the world. However, every time he tries and is about to get the actual code, he experiences a bug which consequently makes the computer crash. He also experience traumatic headache which he related to the bug issue. He was almost convinced that overcoming the headache to ensure that he focus during that time of traumatic headache had something to do with the solution. He eventually did and found the solution he needed, but somehow lost the mathematical power that he once had, where he could have done complex mathematics with his head.

The two movies demonstrate live of mathematicians who went out of their ways to define mathematical solution. However, the plot of the two movies is considerably different. In Proof Robert struggled but did not identify the solution to the problem he was working on. On the contrary, Max managed to obtain the solution. Nevertheless, they both lost their mathematical ability in the long run. Robert insanity made him lose his mathematical ability and similarly max somehow lost his ability to compute complex mathematics with his head. Although Robert case was related to mental condition he was suffering from, Max condition can only be related with the mental explosion that took place while going beyond the headache to obtain the lock. His determination seems to have created rapture in his part of brain that assisted in mathematical operations.

Proof does not clearly identify the problem that Robert wanted to solve or its benefit to the society. It was purely based on mathematical formulas which could only maybe assist in explaining mathematical theories. On the contrary, PI demonstrates the importance of the Max lock to the society. The mathematical figures 216 seems to contain the ability to assist in solving practical issues which include predicting the stock performance, to predict the weather, and to gain more understanding of Jews God among other things. Thus its full discovery would be of great benefit to the world. The mathematical code was to act as a key to all world problems. However, unlike proof where Robert was able to share the knowledge with his daughter who somehow carried on his talent, Max was unable to share this information. He was even abducted to extract information from him but failed. His key came as a vision and marked as the end of his headaches. Though satisfied with the solution he was unable to pass the information to the world.

In both cases, mathematics is associated with mental illnesses and distress. Robert eventually became mentally ill a condition that resulted to his death, Catherine; Robert’s daughter had episodes of hallucination which made her sister believe that she inherited her father’s mental condition. Max also has episodes of hallucination, mental visions, severe headaches and nose bleeding, which mostly occurred while he tried to solve the problem. Sol, Max mentor seems to have reached where Max reached in the end but become obsolete. The same case happened when Maxed reached that point. Showing that getting the solution does not change things as Max expected, it made everything less important, demonstrating the insignificance of the solution. The both demonstrate the passion in mathematician and the struggle they go through while trying to obtain the solution.

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