Developing Good Habits of Thought Through Hard Work

Philosophy posits that people can develop critical thinking skills with time. This paper shall delve into the context of developing good habits through hard work. Considering the characterization of critical thinking as put forth by Facione (1990), we can conclude that one must eliminate the limits of their thinking with regard to opinion, points of view, and documentation, among others. In other words, one must open their minds to other religions, beliefs, convictions, and politics.

First, one has to ask themselves of how they can get rid of their bad habits of thought and whether it is possible to replace them with good habits. One also has to acknowledge that developing good habits means making high-quality decisions. The act of thinking is not difficult in itself. However, good thinking requires hard work(Paul & Elder, 2013).  Developing hood habits demands time, commitment, and deliberation.

One does not develop good habits simply by making good resolves. Rather, the action must succeed “thought,” leading to the conclusion that self-discipline and effort are essential elements of achieving good habits of thoughts. In this, it is indispensable that one develops good listening and assessment skills in regard to the issues at hand.

In realizing good thinking, one can promote positive aides and emotions which go hand in hand with success. Additionally, by creating good habits, one is likely to become goal oriented and prosperous in life.

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