Three Discipline Areas A Modern Safety and Health Manager Have Basic Level of Competency

A modern safety and health manager has an obligation to create a positive safety culture in the organization for the achievement of safety and health of the people (Friend & Kohn, 2010). However, this is dependent on the manager’s basic competencies. The following are examples of some that they must possess:

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  1. They must have knowledge of federal and governmental policies and rules with regard to health care. This is particularly important for the organization to act in act accordance with the set recommendations.
  2. They must have a basic knowledge in organizing and planning. Notably, part of the work of a modern safety and health manager is to organize the system to create a safe environment for all workers while reducing the risks(Stellman, 1998).
  3. Lastly, a modern day safety and health manager needs to possess analytical skills. This owes to their inevitable problem-solving tasks which require reviewing facts to solve complex issues that require analysis.

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Within the course of practice, a safety and health manager is also fated to face various common problems and challenges. For instance, since their job description does not allow supervision of employees, they are expected to use their charisma to buy the attention of the company. Additionally, skepticism is an obstacle when a safety manager is working in an organization that has a poor regard for safety or one that lacks a safety culture(Rountree, 2001).

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