Total Safety Management

Total Safety Management (TSM) is an outcome-oriented approach that aims to establish a safe and healthy work environment, conducive for dependable peak performance and continuous improvements(Dominic & Phillips, 1995 p.3-9). This enables a company to successively build its performance on a performance-based approach, enjoy sustainable and aggressive benefits through the development of secure work environments, and improve its services, products, processes, people and environments in general. It consists of 15 points that include management commitment, goal setting, engineering, training, recognition, hiring and development of employees, employee safety committee, data analysis/record keeping, loss prevention, accident investigation, medical community relationships, light duty, injury management, and monitoring recuperation. Altogether, these elements are instrumental in establishing a good Total Safety Management program.

Among the most valuable benefits of a Total Safety Management program is the creation of a consistent peak performance by all teams and individuals as well as improvement of overall performance of the organization in a global marketplace. Similarly, Total Safety Management ensures that there is a “continual improvement forever” on the grounds that “what is competitive today may fail to meet the standards of tomorrow.” This ensures that the company enjoys a sustainable competitive advantage throughout its lifetime.

Health managers should always acknowledge the importance of commitment in order to keep up with current trends in the promotion of the strategic elements of Total Safety Management.Adopting TSM in an organization must be holistic; it cannot cover a single department. Therefore, the success of TSM is entirely based on managers’commitment because other employees are predestined to adopt their perception(Geller, 1994 p.18).Health managers also need to stay in the loop by confronting the evolutionary steps of skepticism, tentative interest, provisional acceptance, buy-in, and commitment.

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