Plan To Establish a Career and Counseling Service Center


Many people come to various organization and perform different tasks in accordance to how much information they either have, which drives them to be successful in their achievement or lose out in the quest for a meaningful existence (Brown & Lent, 2013). Career counselling is important to any person seeking to make it in the business world and even in governing the daily activities. As such, each person needs to have more information that can make them make appropriate decisions regarding their career paths and asset them in pursuing career paths that they are suited for. In light of these the website is going to concentrate on the various aspects of career and counselling to students and the individuals still pursuing their careers as all of them need more information on how they can successful purse a career path and make it in the end.


The vision of the center is to prepare and nurture students to make appropriate decisions in an ever-changing world


To provide services that are of high standards to the students and the wider community through consultation and counselling together with partnering with the individuals to enable them improve on their decision making mechanisms and follow a clear path in the various choices they make in life.


  • To provide students with support regarding their studies
  • To provide the students with opportunities to develop wholly on their academic and personal life together with building on their life skills
  • To provide to the community counselling services in regard to their personal life and careers at a fee

Information on the website

The website is going to host information on the various issues affecting careers. Such issues include personality, values, strengths and interests, which will help the students to improve on their choices especially as they study and focus on certain careers (Patton & McMahon, 2014). Psychologists will be available for further information especially where they can be conducted using the chat platforms at various times. Media, blogs, frequently asked questions (FAQ), services, resources, testimonials, and the teams working on counselling will have their information on the website. The services offered to the students will include personal and career counseling.

Student section

The student section will involve various services that are tailored towards meeting their needs. Such services will be tailored towards improving their situation at the time especially in relation to their situations. The personal services will deal with the students themselves and the various situations they are passing through. Stressful conditions like grief, fitting in to the student life and the various pressures associated with the academic environment will be dealt with in personal counseling. Career counseling will involve engaging the students in their career choices and giving them more information on the various careers about the interests, talents and other factors that can help one make the right decision in choosing a career (Sharf, 2013). In addition, it will include the various sessions available to the students especially where the students have to meet the counselor in person. Communication will be conveyed to the students through the chat platform. The website will further have more information about various problems that face students and especially crises that are affect the students most of the times. The website further will provide details on how more professional services can be conducted especially about the students on the various issues affecting them. Referrals can thus be made appropriately to the students especially by the advice of the counsellor who interact with the students on the website. To take a personality test please click here

Community section

The website will further have information concerning people outside the institution who may seek professional help and thus will further carter for the community. Professional help will further be provides in terms of dealing with stress (Eliason & Patrick, 2008). Such services will involve personal counselling, student’s services, and personality inventories. The members of the community in this regard will have to pay for the services while the students will obtain the services free of charge.

Organization use

Counselling tailored towards meeting the organizational needs in terms of interacting with the workers is important. More people in the organization can thus get counselling on the website by choosing the organization section. The organization section will further be linked to the various workers who can access the counselling services at their own convenience especially if they need any help with any problems affecting them. Organizations will have to pay for the counselling services (Brown, 2002).

The center will therefore provide services both to students and outsiders through the website and further help the community in dealing with the various pressures in their life especially where they may come to a standstill about various issues they are facing in their life (Leong, 2014). Therefore, the purpose of the counselling services will clearly be elaborated especially in ensuring that students and the community at large have a fulfilling live and approach the various challenges they face with more wisdom gained form counselling.

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