Donald Super’s Development Theory

Donald Super Instituted the theory. The Super’s Development Theory greatly focuses on self-concept of a person. Career choice in this regard is linked to the developmental processes of a person in regarding having a self-concept, which is stable and realistic. People have the tendency of following career paths that are connected to their self-concepts (Moon, 2013). Career maturity is further deliberated in the theory where certain individuals have developed to a certain level in terms of their behavior. As such, maturity in regards to development means that the people have met the expectations needed at a certain developmental stage. Super’s Development theory focusses on the lifespan on an individual and the various developments that are required of such a person in different stages of his or her life. Five stages are further looked at by the theory.

The first stage is the growth stage that ranges from birth to the fourteen and fifteen years. The stage usually have various characteristics, aptitudes, interests and needs associated with the children at this stage. The next stage is the exploratory stage, which ranges between the ages of fifteen to twenty four years. Choosing occupations for the individuals at this stage is narrowed further due to their developmental stage. Another stage is the establishment stage. The individuals in the establishment stage range from twenty-five to forty-four years (Kagitcibasi, 2013). Such years usually feature the work experience obtained by the individual as he or she pursues a career. The ages of forty five to sixty five years encompass individuals who are passing through the continual adjustment stage, which usually features various improvements that are made to the work processes or career of an individual.

People in the range of sixty-five years and over form part of the decline phase. The output at work of such an individual is reducing continually as a person gets older and retirement is the next option for such a person. Super’s Development theory greatly brings into detail the career developing concerning various person than the other theories. More people can get information that can help them plan their life more accurately and thus give them more information about the choice of the career and in which stages they can change their careers and further develop until they reach retirement age.

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