Preventing Back Injuries – Lifting a Box from a Tabletop And Placing It On The Floor

Imagine that you are leading a training event to help prevent back injuries, and you are teaching students the proper way to lift. Describe, in detail, your recommended steps for lifting a box from a tabletop and placing the box on the floor in a way that would not create any pain or ergonomics issue(s).

Back injuries can easily be caused by use of poor lifting techniques. It is therefore important to us the right lifting and down placing procedure to protect your back. To ensure that a load is lifted from a table and placed on the ground without causing back injuries, one must follow the right steps. The first step is planning the lift where one need to ensure that the path is clear, the load is not beyond what one can carry, and the calculation on the need to stop for a rest based on the distance the load is to be carried. The second step will involve load sizing up where one ensure that the load is balanced and stable. The load weight should then be tested by lifting the corner to ensure that it is not too much (Osha, 2007).

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The next step is base establishment which can be done using the foot or the table edges. In this case, the load is on the table and hence no need bend the knees slightly, with the heels placed off the ground. One is required to bring the load closer to the body, getting a good grip using the palms, with enough hold before. The leg strength should then be used to lift in a controlled, smooth manner. The stomach muscles need to be tight and shoulders and head in up position. The feet should be made to turn and not the waist line. Then one should walk to where the load is to be placed. The position made when lifting should be made again and the load placed down using the hands and legs strength to place it down on the ground (Osha, 2007).

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