Helping Employees Avoid Improper Bending

Describe how you would get employees to avoid improper bending to pick up items from the ground. Use the four Es: empowerment, encouragement, education, and enlightenment. 

Improper bending can be the main cause of back injury among workers. To prevent this, workers need to be trained on the best way of bending to ensure that they do not suffer from back injuries and constant backaches. This can be done using the four Es which include education, empowerment, enlightenment and encouragement. Education is the most important step to enhancing proper bending. In this case, the organization workers should be educated on the right bending posture to ensure equal distribution of body weight and proper protection of body muscles, nerves, tendons and bones. Workers should also be enlightened on the danger of careless bending. They should also be enlightened on the advantages of using the right bending techniques in protecting themselves from back injuries and controllable backaches.

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Enlightenment should be done in a manner that it encourages the workers to desire change and to fight towards achieving the needed change for personal benefits. Workers are also empowered by provision of enough knowledge regarding their health and why some accts are dangerous to their health. They can also be empowered by provision of rewards that are associated with their ability to implement the provided knowledge and information to enhance proper bending at all the time. Encouragement is also important in boosting the workers morale and interest in following the right bending procedures. Encouragement includes words that would make the workers to come out of their careless ways of doing things to life a healthy life. It should also focus on persuading workers on the importance of proper bending and ensuring that they are always healthy, of back free of injuries and pain

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