L5-S1 Vertebrae and How a Bulging Disc Might Affect the Spinal Nerve

Explain the relationship between the L5-S1 vertebrae and how a bulging disc might affect the spinal nerve. Be very specific by using anatomical terminology. What strategies could you recommend to avoid these types of injuries? 

Lumbar 5 and sacral 1 are the two nerves that are most usually pinched in the lower back. The nerve of L5 supplies the muscles nerves which raise the big toe and foot, and thus, impingement of this nerve might lead to muscles weakness. L5 numbness runs over the foot top. The S1 nerve impingement can lead to weakness with the muscles of the large gastronemius in the calf back, resulting to difficulty with pushing the foot. S1 nerve numbness runs on the outer part of the foot. The nerve root of S1 also supplies ankle jerk innervation, and a loss of this reflex demonstrates that S1 impingement, though it does not result to loss of function (DeWitt, 2013).

The most usual cause of pain which originates from the segment of L5-S1 lumbosacral includes disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, and isthmic spondylolisthesis. Disc herniation happens when the inner part leaks out and hints the proximate nerve root resulting to pain that radiate in the down leg and lower back.  If the L5-S1 disc is conceded, the L5-S1 disc can result to leg or lower back pain. Moreover, a small facet joints fracture can permit L5 vertebra to slip frontward over the S1 vertebra, imposing the nerve root and resulting to leg pain among other symptoms. Nevertheless, lumbar spine does not have spinal cord and hence, even the most painful situations are not probable to cause permanent damage or paralysis (DeWitt, 2013). Some of the measures that one can employ to prevent these injuries include weight control, education on suitable body mechanism, regular physical exercises, and avoiding lifting and carrying heavy objects

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