Probable Defense For The Baseball Gear Job (BFOQ, 4/5ths Rule, Glass Ceiling)

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other state anti-discrimination laws forbids and bans discrimination in employment and workplaces, based on religion, sex, race, and national origin. Concurrent with the start and introduction to the Civil Rights of 1964, changing social and economic trends stimulated. Vast numbers of women entries in the national workforce are increasing tremendously. Women have possessed positions that were banned and forbidden to them, and in the recent times we have witnessed the rise of women to the company and proficient positions. All through this time, discrimination against women in the workplace is fading away and declining.

Federal and state anti-discrimination laws execute and perform a vital role in intensifying and escalating working opportunities for women (Gregory, n, d). Nonetheless, we are experiencing cases of women who are denied full equal opportunities in the workplace. Despite the fact that, women have the right of entry to influential professional, education, and corporate positions, the ever- present glass ceiling still deters the advancement of large segments of the female workforce.


The probable cause is the logical belief, supported y facts and circumstances that a crime being or will commit when an employee decides to pursue a federal claim for discrimination under the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. The offended must file the case with the enforcement of federal laws, to exhaust administrative remedies (Farber, 2010). When the complaint filed, the EEOC usually contacts the employer to discuss the allegation, especially when the right to sue letter is not immediately requested. The employees who file cases with EEOC do not require an attorney to represent them.  The EEOC notifies the employer of the charges against him within ten days after the charges are filed. Finally the EEOC share agreements with other states, which also have their own governmental agency.

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