Fundamental Actions that Leadership of Kenya is Taking To Improve Living Standards of its People

Act Local

The selected developing country in this case is Kenya. The country has recently changed its constitution to define a new system of government with intention of enhancing the life of people at the ground level. The new county government takes the governmental leadership close to be people hoping to understand and solve most of their problems to better their life (Kimenyi & Kibe, 2014). The national government has also been struggling with a number of initiatives to enhance the life of marginalized who include youths and women in the society. Some of these initiatives include offering them loans to expand their projects, especially those started by groups, providing jobs to all youths through a system they commonly refer to as “Kazi kwa vijana” initiative. The government is also working on vision 2030 project which contains three economic pillars to enhance the life of Kenyans. One of the major improvements brought by this vision is the development of Thika super highway which has highly enhanced the navigation of the country’s capital city and reduced the rash hour traffic jam (Kimenyi & Kibe, 2014).

The Kenyan government has achieved a lot in the last few years in terms of the economy. According to The World Bank (2013), although the country is operating below its economic potential, the government has highly managed in reducing the level of poverty in the country. The country’s poverty level is said to have declined from 47% recorded in 2005 to between 34-42% recorded in 2013. This can be attributed to a number of government’s initiatives engaging women and youths who are among the highest population of unemployed in the country. Self-employment employment and development has highly been promoted through free-primary education for all despite of age, adult high school education and half-sponsored high school education all being funded by the governments. This has improved the level of education. Free maternity health and subsidized medical rate in public hospitals has also contributed to this development (The World Bank, 2013).


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