Pseudorandom Numbers

The Use Pseudorandom Numbers in Simulations

Pseudorandom is defined as having the randomness appearance that exhibit a particular repeatable pattern. They are computer generated random numbers. Pseudorandom numbers are commonly used in simulation because they are generated by computer: pseudorandom number generator, and hence, one can get a large set of random numbers in a short period of time as compared to roll of dice or other techniques that are used to generate true  random numbers. A computer can more efficiently generate random numbers by use of a mathematical process which artificially creates pseudorandom number more effectively than the true random number can be generated (Haahr, 1998).

The Effect of Pseudorandom Numbers on the Accuracy of a Simulation

It is essential to maintain accuracy of a simulation. Pseudorandom numbers generator always produces random number with a certain pattern of occurrence.  It can therefore influence the accuracy of a simulation by accidently developing patterns that could be missed by the system. This would skew the accuracy of the simulation (Rogers, 2001).

The Role of Statistical Analysis in Simulation

Statistical analysis is important in simulation since it identifies the critical simulation factors. Performing variance analysis ensures that there is a proper selection of important factors. With this, judgment and understanding of simulation becomes more efficient in making suitable decisions concerning the process and product design. The main function of statistical analysis is to establish the probable or the normal simulation behavior and differentiate it from improbable or abnormal system behavior. This means that statistical analysis helps in distinguishing a common system behavior from what simply takes place by chance. Statistical analysis entails the study and analysis of data with an intention of resolving issues in any given institution (Rossiter, 2006).

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