Purpose of a Process Control Block (PCB)

The Process Control Block (PCB) is located in the operating system kernel and widely viewed as the most integral data structure in a computer. Vital information responsible for the scheduling process is located here, together with the management steps that would commence from this particular premise. A plethora of data items are stored in the Process Control Block (PCB), with a large majority being responsible for efficient management of all other processes. An integral role played by this particular component is seen in its ability to modify or access all other utilities provided for by the operating system (OS). These utilities include those responsible for input/output and scheduling while ensuring that the computer’s memory can be accessed at any given moment (Dhamdhere, 2006, p. 47). Moreover, vital information is stored in this data structure ensuring that the operating system (OS) is capable of supporting multiprocessing if the need arises. It also acts as a recovery tool due to the wealth of information stored in it as raw data. It, therefore, becomes easier to pick up from where an interruption affected the processes, commencing swiftly without any technical hiccups. In reality, this component defines the operating system (OS) and its overall state whenever resource allocation and performance monitoring become an urgent requirement.

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