Question about Stereotypes

Kim wrote: “Stereotypes have existed since the dawn of day. They exist for a myriad of reasons, some of which may include, self-enhancing, thinking of oneâ??s self as better than another, social belonging, differentiating oneself from other groups to associate oneself with people similar to oneself, or control, to establish a semblance of control over oneâ??s life by predicting other groupsâ?? behavior. Negative stereotyping is a part of the process of elevating oneâ??s group, if only to and for itself, by categorizing or diminishing another group. The particular group is not necessarily responsible for creating the stereotype or even experiencing behavior from the out group to warrant the negative stereotype. Many negative stereotypes are passed from generation to generation and are rarely questioned. Negative stereotypes often times create chasms between groups that become almost impossible to reverse. Fiske (2010) proposes that it is possible to manage negative stereotypes. He proposes it starts with getting to know the out group. Find opportunities to work with the out group on a project where each group is equal in status and authority. Create a new in group identity with the group. The theory is that it is more difficult to stereotype or diminish an out group that has become an in group. Continue to identify similarities (2010).”

Is it possible that a person can hold negative stereotypes regarding the group they identify with most strongly?

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