Ramifications In Cyber Crime Legislation

Ramifications  refers  to consequence arising from   failure of  legislation or plan, internationally, cyber came has become   a hindrance in development because of  the offences that are committed against groups, individuals with a motive of causing harm  to a victim both physically and mentally, there are rampant  frauds that involves  depressing  or  altering the  data. Which also become difficult to detect hence there is need to facilitate sustainable solution,

However, other forms of legislation by the relevant authorizes has hindered the effectiveness of reducing various internet scams, cyber criminals in the United States  has had  weakness in legislation of cyber crime ,This  has further culminated  the aid of law enforcement  agencies  to  deal  with  illicit activities hence necessitating the development of international  networks aimed in cyber crime prevention.

Ways of Ramifications

The  laws that  deals with crime  do not  fully  identify the coverage of  crime detection  resulting from the internet, it  cannot serve the foreign commerce, the  existing legislation covers the local human right violation  exclusive of  international cases, here, when electronic devices  and  other forms communication  are be subjected to a  combined form of detector, it will fully curb the magnitude of the offence, such  posting from the internet inform of messages or any form of harassment  from the  system cannot be  detected neither can it   identify the location or the name of the  person causing harm, also the law therefore lacks    clear punishment based on the diverse categories of cyber crime. For instance the offences committed in different countries between he offender and the victim,(Gregor 2005).

In order  for this law to be effective in  hand ling the form  of crime ,It must be upgraded to  detect the telephone  and the person so that it can effectively reveal the details thus facilitating  easy  arrest of the culprit, if convicted  under this form of legislation, the hacker  will face  court charges and  proper punishments will be rendered   thus  it streamlines the  future  investigation of cyber crime,

The other impediment in   dealing with cyber crime is the  lack of cooperation  from the complainants  or witnesses  thus  in carrying out investigation , this result from infants lured to participating or taking obscene pictures  becomes a challenge  in  cyber crime reduction, this nature of reluctant   to report cases  warrants the police to believe that the offence is not  serious.

Moreover, the other challenge experienced in tackling cyber crime issues is lack of clear legislation in conducting investigation across the borders, the increase in cost delays the investigators in having contact with the victim on the different side of the globe. This inconvenience translates to having considerable arrangements with the diplomatic institution to help in easy access to arrest victims in the region. (Ruibin,2005) ,Also the language barrier can be experienced hence the interpreters can be mobilized to fasten the investigation process.

Impact to the community

Having known the shortcoming of cyber crime laws, The increasing rate of computer technology has resulted to increase in antisocial behaviors like prostitution, robbery and early school dropouts, there is need  therefore to  improve technology policies  by restricting access  of children to aggressive  videos, also   proper formulation  policies to prevent the exploitation of   young   children to irresponsible acts must be emphasizes in the society so a s to  reinstate dignity of the culture  in the society,(Russell & Peter 2004).

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