Probability Sampling And Non-Probability Sampling – Saunders et al

Using sampling independently to answer a research question – What attributes attract people to jobs?

Sampling is the selection of a part of group to represent the whole group. In this case sampling can be divided into probability and non-probability sampling. Probability sampling is where a sample is created by random sampling method. On the other hand non-probability sampling, this is a process where non-random techniques are used, in this kind of sampling there must be convenience and judgement from the researcher. An example of probability sampling in a population, is where every member is known equally as the other and incase of any opportunity any can be selected to represent the other. While whit non-probability sampling, there is no equal rights among the population. Other people have a greater chance to be chosen than others.

A good number of employees uses this kind of tricks to maintain and attract their employees. It depends on the two the one that fits the organization. On that matter employees are attracted to that that makes them comfortable to their expectations. There are many things that attracts people to various jobs. Most of the organization has decided to use this sampling techniques in terms of treatment of their employees. Techniques like these sometimes acts as motivating factors to the employees.

To start with, many employer s thinks that all employees are after money which is not correct. There are employees who need empowerment, others seek jobs so that they can be recognized and there are those who will look for a job only to have solutions for challenges that employees go through. All the employers should have a strategy to keep all these employees in their organization because they are all needed equally.

As an employer, probability sampling can be the best method to use when rewarding your employees. This means that one should treat his or her employees equally old or young. This will help one feel part of the group and feel more appreciated, this one can be another method of motivating your employees which will lead to high production in the organization. In this case many people will be attracted to one’s organization because of the kind of equality that exists in the organization. This makes them feel equal and free to one another.

On the other hand an employer can decide to use non-probability sampling in her or his organization. This can be mostly applied to those employees who are the back born of the organization. In an organization, there are individuals that without them many things will stand still or sometimes there absence can lead to low yields of the organization. This kind of people needs to be treated differently from other this way they will feel honored and acknowledged in the organization as a leader in the organization.

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