Real-life Services Performed by Public Sector and Nonprofit Sector

Assignment Instructions

Complete the three prompts below by listing and explaining what each sector’s service does and how they serve or what service they provide. Once you have completed the prompts, expand on the learning with a short essay as outlined below.

  • Identify five real-life services performed by the public sector:
  • Identify five real-life services performed by the nonprofit sector:
  • Identify three real-life services performed by both the public and nonprofit sector:

In 250-500 words, explain how each, the public and nonprofit sector, serve the public good. Does it matter if each serves a different purpose? Should they both provide the same services

Real-life Services Performed by Public Sector and Nonprofit Sector – Sample Paper

The public sector plays a crucial role in the society at large due to the extensive service provision that it engages in. The purpose of non-profits has risen significantly in recent years, and, therefore, their contribution to society cannot be overstated. This paper highlights some of the real-life services provided by the two entities, as well as elaborate on how they serve the public good.

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The public sector performs crucial services in society. These services include the provision of public education, provision of healthcare services, and the provision of subsidized housing schemes (Altbach, 2015). The non-profits, on the other hand, provide such services as feeding the homeless, running rehabilitation programs for drug addicts, and provision of water to people in arid areas. Real-life services offered jointly by both the public sector and the non-profits include the provision of vaccination services, health campaigns, and the provision of scholarship opportunities to students.

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Both the public sector and the non-profits serve the public good. This is through the provision of necessary services that take care of unmet needs in society. Such services as education form the core of society and require a frequent evaluation and extensive funding. It would, therefore, be impossible for education to run. Health services are also very significant in society, considering that it requires comprehensive policies and legislations. The role of the non-profits is central to the lives of many people. Such services as rehabilitation of drug addicts and provision of services to the needy cannot be adequately catered for by the government (Sivesind, 2017). The government and non-profits can join hands in some roles or can do different tasks depending on suitability.

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