How Early Cinema was affected by Photography, Film, Form, Style, Special Effects and Fictional Narrative

Historical Changes in Film

The introduction of photography in 19th brought significant change in the cinema. There was an option of presenting events with a picture which document real events happened, unlike paintings that represented imaginary events. Photographs were used in cinema to give background information about a story that was being performed in sequence. Photography technology was quickly advanced to films which enhanced the use of pictures in motion and integration of visual arts in the cinema. Form introduction in the early cinema enhanced the ability to create different plots of the story. Forms helped in developing a total system could be perceived by audience in a film. It enhanced the integration of stylistic subsystem and narrative subsystem in film development (Nelmes, 2012).

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It thus assisted in advancing the film development process by introducing functions, repetition or similarities to develop of motifs, variations and unity. All this assist in creating a film that directs audience expectation. Styles introduced a new way of combining colors, pictures, poetry and music in the film to bring a certain emotion. This was a great change in early cinema since it brought some kind of reality into the film where audience would share the climate in the film and relate it to the reality.

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Effects in early cinema were created by use of music, colors and pictures. Effect brought reality into the cinema. Just like style, early effect helped in developing a realistic environment by creating a happy, sad, dangerous, or fearful atmosphere in the film to bring out the actual feeling in real life. Fictional narratives brought about creativity in the film industry. The film makers were able to create different stories in a more fascinating ways to draw audience attentions (Eagan, 2010). All these features played a great role in enhancing film development to what they are known today.

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