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Wiki Entry Assignment Instructions

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word wiki entry on the subject of visual arts, in which you define the purpose and language of the visual arts. Imagine that your wiki entry on visual arts is to be included in a university’s wiki about various subjects. Address the following issues:

  • Define visual art.
  • Differentiate the visual arts from other forms of creative expression.
  • List the different media of visual art, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and so on.
  • Define the meaning of historical, social, and aesthetic values and eras in visual art.
  • Discuss factors that influence the way people interpret works of visual art as a cultural value.

Visual Arts Wiki Entry

In English literature, modernism is a cultural movement that includes music, architecture and progressive art, design and literature which emerged in the decades before 1914. Artists and designers composed this movement who were against late 19th century historicist traditions and academic and embraced new social, economic and political aspects of emerging modern world. A strong and intentional break with tradition marked this era where the break was of a strong reaction against established social, political and religious views. All things are believed to be relative in this era and nothing is absolute truth. The era is concerned with the sub-conscious and no historical or institutional connections, the experience tends to be that of loss, alienation and despair.

Visual Arts Definition And Examples

So, what exactly is visual art? Visual art is one of the movements that emerged in this era and it entails all creations that humans can look at such as drawings and paintings. Sculpture, printmaking, photography, film and decorative arts including ceramics, wood working etc. are examples of visual art. An art of SATURN DEVOURING HIS CHILDREN (1824) by the Spanish art Fransisco de Goya is among the ancient artistic work.

Currently, this term includes a fine and contemporary art which was not the case. In Britain, before Arts and Crafts movement, and in many parts of the world at the turn of 20th century, artist was often restricted to personal working in fine arts e.g. painting and not the handicraft(Barnes, 1937). Such movements emphasized the distinction and valued vernacular art forms as much as high forms.

Purposes of Visual Arts

Visual art is created for various purposes, these arts can be for artistic expression, in such a case, an artist may be communicating or expressing his feeling or emotion.

The artist may also create these visual arts for ceremonial purposes such as celebrations or commemorations within a given context. Objects used in everyday may be used for functional reasons or they may be used to promote, persuade, and promote ideas or products through means such as marketing, propaganda or advertising. Narration is also a purpose as to why artist may indulge into visual arts which can be done by storytelling and illustrating and describing experiences.

Studying or performing visual art at any grade provides individuals with a chance to develop cognitive and creative skills while developing their imaginations. To some, this art is a motivation for doing or participating in an area where they have success. Visual art teaches individuals to be more tolerant and open through historical and multicultural perspective and through movements in the creative process itself. Education in this art strengthens an individual when problem solving and critical thinking skills are required in various situations.

In today’s era, modern visual artists have borrowed lessons from the past era in that future artists will look upon their information age as breakthroughs in the history of visual arts similar to what these modern artists are learning(Oliver, 2007). For modern artists to appreciate their work, they should experiment on preliminary sketches or prototypes only and should also be sure to use high quality materials for long lasting results in the final piece(Fazenda, 1997).

The Cornelia Konrads’ “Grass Works” of the year 2002 is one of the creative products of 21st century. Although not very well known, she should be as her work emphasizes some of the cultural and environmental concerns that have defined the past two decades. Her pieces of the art play with gravity and in some ways reject the natural limitations of the materials that earlier land artists emphasized, among similar artists, her work is a sharp conceptual departure making it a unique piece of art.

In present-day, world has transformed as a result of political and social structures, also, development in technologies and industries have affected this. Modernism evolved as artists sought new ways to represent and respond to their changing world. Modernist work reveal concerns about aesthetics and art regardless of whether or not an artist is representing traditional subjects or not. Questioning traditional technologies and ways of representing, modern artists broke through the boundaries set by art academics to pioneer new art making approaches. Also, grouping of artists into movements is still evidence although it is not always completely accurate or appropriate.

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