The Love Canal and Chemical Dumping Ground – Powerpoint Presentation


  • The chemical dumping ground arose when a canal was dug that was eventually abandoned due to lack of enough funds and economic depression (Williams, 2013)
  • It was converted into a dumping ground for chemicals by the municipal council
  • Chemicals were residential dumped by the army, Hooker Chemical company, and the dumping of rubbish by the city (Belasen & Polachek, 2013)
  • A school was started after the land was sold with a warning of chemical wastes but precautions were not taken and other buildings were established near the canal
  • The chemicals affected the residents and caused their children to be sick

Evacuation and house offering

  • The government had to compensate the residents where they evacuated them and settled them elsewhere
  • It purchased the 239 houses and eventually the land and blocked the flow of the chemicals to other areas
  • The area was fenced ten feet from the affected ground

Cost analysis

  • Residents were given money in compensation for their houses in the affected area
  • Medical expenses for the residents was 200000$ for treatment of the sickness of their children and the affected adults
  • The remaining population was further resettled with the government settling the bills for their medical bills and evacuation


  • The compensation of the family was proper since they were relocated to a safer area and their medical treatment catered for
  • The residents could access better water for use and drinking which would not cause them to have disease
  • The diseases can no longer be transmitted from the water to the people and further to children anymore and therefore they are in secure and health environment devoid of harmful chemicals


  • Warning signs need to be placed in the area and the fencing followed up with various signs that indicate the place as dangerous
  • Preventing children form accessing the ground especially where they may want to play in such an area
  • More incentives and compensation should be given to the people in terms of various unwarranted happenings like loss of livelihoods, among other issues

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