Recruiting Internally and Externally – UNEP

My choice of non-profit organization is on United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) is an agency that is responsible for coordinating environmental activities as well as assisting the developing countries in the implementation environmentally sound practices and policies. It covers a wide range of activities regarding marine, atmosphere, environmental governance, terrestrial ecosystems as well as the green economy.

UNEP like other organizations faces recruitment dilemmas whether to hire from within or outside the organization. The recruitment of talented and qualified candidates is key to the success of a company. Recruitment can be either from internal or external. Before making any promotion from within the organization, one has to understand both the disadvantages and the disadvantages. Some of the advantages of recruiting personnel from within the organization include; increase in the morale of the workers. When people are promoted from within the organization so as to fill in the positions available increases the employees’ morale to work harder so that they can go higher in their ranks. Another advantage is cost saving. Internal recruitment has lower cost than hiring from outside the organization. This comes in in terms of advertising where they don’t have to broadcast it on expensive sites. They can just advertise it on the company bulletin. Lastly, the business will already have an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the employees thus know what to expect unlike an external employee who will have to be there for a while before these attributes can be noticed(Chan,1996).

Disadvantages  to this is that the company will have the same experience and ideas from the same people and thus might not progress forward as such. On the other hand, outside recruitment gives the company a chance to bring in personnel with more and better ideas which they can contribute to the success of the organization. Internal recruitment offers an incentive for the employees to perform well but can also lead to a platform that involves a lot of competition which may turn out to be counterproductive. The employees might compete with each other for a post and this might lead to conflict in the organization. External hiring can thus be more beneficial as this will be avoided. Finally, when someone is promoted from within the organization, it creates another vacancy that has to be filled and will thus lead to more duties by the company to hire more people. It is thus better to hire from outside as the company will be saved from this (Chan, 1996).

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