Failed Creative Ideas – FM Towns Marty By Fujitsu


Fujitsu as a company creatively came up with a game that was thirty-two bit and was the first of its type in the market. The game was known as the FM Towns Marty, which targeted the market in Japan. The introduction of the game together with its specifications especially being 32 bit gave users the ability to play games that demanded more in terms of graphics and speed. Although, the game presented better features than the previous game the gaming market did not take note of the product. The lack of interest was a significant setback for the company since it had invested much in making the game according to the expensive price it had set for the game. As a company, Fujitsu had to cancel production of the product and thus miss the investment it had made in the game especially in including new features, which had increased the cost of producing the game. Though the introduction of such game of its own kind did not succeed, it was still a creative idea that the company had opted to try out in the market in the possibility of gaining more of the market and further profiting from the increased sales of the products. The company, therefore, had to bear the loss of producing the product and thus shift its focus on producing other gaming products while having the interests of the customers at heart (Stanford, 2007).

Though the company was introducing a new game that had better features there was no internet from the market. Though they were other games, having lower features than the Fujitsu they still took precedence over the game. Marketing the product in the gaming market did not yield any fruits and therefore the company had to settle on the premise that the product had failed to gain the interest of the respective market. The company therefore was not in a better position of producing more versions of the product. Thought product did not pick up the company ended up learning a lesson and further becoming an example especially in Japan about a product that failed. Therefore, though it had made better product there was no interest and therefore it failed as a creatively thought out product with features that had not been in other games in the past. In producing, a new product the company thought it would gain a larger market share since the game was top notch but the lack of a forecast especially on the preferences and tastes of the market led to the failure of the product, as people did not have any interest in the product.

A creative solution would have been to improve on the limited library and to use specifications that were within the buying power of the gaming market. As such, the company should have looked at the common games that people loved and included them in the library. Though it has a 32-bit system, which was a pioneer game at the time the features would have been reduced to ensure that the game went for a price that would make the company gain more profit from the product while at the same time offering the market a new produced with enhanced features. The company would have further designed the game to have more languages. A multilingual game would enable the company to sell the game outside Japan and further enable the company to gain new markets. Therefore, the company would not only obtain a new market but would further increase its chances of getting a better price for its products in the international market.


Technology is greatly changing and therefore at present it is important that companies study the technological needs of the population before producing games. The company would thus have a clear picture of the games to produce especially those that gain the interest of the market quickly. Lacking interest in a product is detrimental to a company and therefore as companies focus on profits they should further look at the interests of the consumer especially where there buying power is not as high as the price they have set.  Fujitsu as should concentrate on various issues affecting the gaming market and different patterns to prevent them repeating the same mistake again.

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