Regulation of Drug Purchases From The Internet And Outside The United States

There is a rapid increase of on sales of consumer products over the internet even the sales of drugs. Therefore, the majority of people are using the internet to obtain and acquire health related products and information. Reputable pharmacies are now using the internet to sell drugs through the internet, which is a great benefit to the consumers. Consequently, most of the managed healthcare organizations are turning to online prescriptions projects so as to provide low-quality services and also attain cost savings.

Should the FDA take a more active role in regulating purchases from the Internet and outside the United States? Why or why not?

FDA deals with the implications of unlawful Internet drug sales in the health industry, and it responds to such concerns and executes risk-based strategies to safeguard the health industry. The role of FDA is to evaluate the quality of information and products sold and encourage consumers to observe and monitor their purchases and only depend on reputable internet sites. Additionally, FDA is also concerned and assists customers who purchase unapproved foreign drugs via the internet. Nonetheless, FDA should take a more active responsibility for regulating purchases from the Internet since many websites that sell drugs may present challenges to law enforcement officials, regulators, policy makers, and dangers purchasers.

What are some of the implications if the FDA does not regulate these purchases?

There can be severe consequences when FDA fails to control drug purchases from online websites; consumers will greatly suffer as they will purchase unapproved drugs. Conversely, some sites sell prescriptions that are unsafe and risk the health of people. Therefore, FDA needs to train consumers on how to recognize legal internet pharmacy, and how to safely purchase drugs online. However, the greatest challenge is to ensure that consumers are protected and enjoy their purchases.

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