The Rise of Colonialism in North America

Colonialism is a situation whereby a country sends its citizens to a distant place to facilitate is taking of advantages of the resources of that departed place. These people being sent at a far place are still considered citizens by the country.  This has been experienced by England and the North America, when England needed the resources as well as space belonging to North America.

England was faced with a shortage of land, space and resources. It also had a limited weather. Not only did England need these but it also needed the prestige that arose from global expansion. Colonialism in North America became a classic example of mercantilism. The colonies were encouraged and perceived as a source of raw materials for the mother country. In North America, the colonies provided a source of indigo, tobacco among others.

The colonies in North America also provided a market for the manufactured goods in England. British colonies in North America pointed out major different challenges from the mother country(Castillo& Schweitzer, 2001). They treated the North Americans with a similar disdain that they had experienced and put in practice when colonizing other countries like the Ireland in UK,

The British colonies point out that the indigenous people of North America had expectations that they did not find welcoming, the expectations of the indigenous people of North America  were in such a way that they wanted the mother country to obey the laid down rules, laws as well as expectations without failing. It was a protest kind of reaction to colonialism. They pointed out various injustices from the colonialists among others included the raping of the land of its  valuable resources and further exporting these valuable resources for the mother country’s use failing to consider the basic important needs as well as wants of those inhabiting in those localities.  The indigenous in their protest, mentioned that the mother country ignored various threats that had both direct and indirect impact to the indigenous people.

Such threats included the sufferings from the harsh weather, wild animals among others. The protest went so cruel that some of the British soldiers were sent to venture into the homes of the citizens (indigenous people) where they had to put these indigenous people into house arrest in attempts to bring order which was barely there(Castillo& Schweitzer, 2001). The indigenous people were upset since England had disregarded their well being according to them. The indigenous people remarked that ‘those who work hard to provide end up providing for those who don’t work for it at all’. The British colonies dealt with the indigenous people as heathens. They treated the indigenous people as the word heathens implies.

Causes of Russian revolution of 1917: the following among others were the major causes of Russian revolution that took place on February. The Tsar’s took individual personal authority and command of the army. This did not help in the war efforts but instead led to the defeats. The Tsar’s is therefore blamed for the defeat. The Tsar’s left Tsarina who was incompetent in charge and she allegedly tried to help the German to win. Another cause is believed to be due to the army that abandoned the Tsar that brought about riots in Petrograd about war and food shortage. It is not only the army that abandoned the Tsar but also the Duma.

Members of Duma through Nicholas abdicated. The clearest cause of the Russian revolution of1917 was believed to be the First World War, the Russian defeats at Tannenberg and Masurian lakes(Mahoney, 2010). The Russians reportedly lost many men. This was facilitated by the weakness of Russia. The Russian revolution had the following goals among others. The public ownership of all land as well as means of production, power to the people through the workers councils and the total destruction of the corrupt as well as the repressive imperial hierarchy.

American Revolution was caused by the following factors, the Quebec act that led to the expansion of the British territory in Canada, the Massachusetts government this government made the British to exercise full control over the Massachusetts government a scenario that was not welcomed by many(Castillo& Schweitzer, 2001). The administration of the justice act, the justice act allowed all the officials who were royal in America to be tried in Britain could the king deem it fit, theBoston port act that led to the closure of port act.

The American Revolution had the following goals among others, the desire for the representation in parliament(Sohi, 2014). Americans wanted more relaxed laws that considered their needs. To do away with unrealistic taxes was another major goal for the America revolution. The country wanted liberty and pronounced freedom to the citizens.

Orange revolution was a kind of anon-violent revolution in Ukraine. It was caused by protests against the massive fraud that existed during the presidential elections that was held in November. The old regime had evidently stolen the elections it was also caused by the conflicts that existed among the orange revolution leaders(Mahoney, 2010). The revolution had a major goal in response to the fraud in elections. The revolution demanded therefore through its campaigns demanded new, fair as well as fraud-free presidential elections. They believed that through that new and fair elections, their presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko was bound to win. This goal was achieved when Oleksandr Tkachenko was replaced by Ivan Pluysch.

Indian independent movement was caused by the following among others, the British colony. The British had colonized India and exercised its rule exclusively for the benefit of Britain disregarding the Indian’s interests. It is the British rule that facilitated the revolution. As the Indians became more educationally civilized they found the British rule more annoying(Sohi, 2014). The demand of the British that Indians had to side with them against the Japanese also to some extent led to the revolution. The major goal of Indian revolution was to attain independence which was attained later.

American Revolutionhad an initial strategy towards attaining their revolution. This was to capture Boston. American believed that the war would have been over quickly could they capture Boston and so it was. They isolated Boston and the New England region. This strategy however faced a setback. The British forces encountered colonial forces in the battle of Saratoga. The second American strategy was to meet their enemies wherever they emerged. They also obtained foreign help and support for their cause(Mahoney, 2010). They also employed hit and run tactics in dealing with their enemies which were the convectional British forces. The American had developed everything and anything needed for war.

The Indian independent movement involved tactical sequence that permitted the civil resisters to counteract the initiative from the British rule.  The salt mash was a strategy put in place to react to the British refusal to recognize the INC, declaration of independence in the month of December. Among other strategies included communications with the wider audience, the use of formal statements, group representations, the use of drama and music and honoring their dead.

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