Risks and Benefits in Clinical Trials – Lochol Study Synopsis Brochure

Those participating in clinical trials are exposed to various risks even as they benefit from the trials. The trials may offer them access to emerging, or new treatments that the public is yet to access, get professional medical care at specialized healthcare institutions, get actively involved in their healthcare, and assist others through own contributions to healthcare or medical research. Even then, the participants may suffer life-threatening, serious or unpleasant side effects or expend lots of time on the research. The treatment they receive may be ineffective. In some cases, the participants may lack insurance cover for the costs incurred during the research (Lo, 2009).

From the LOCHOL Study Synopsis Brochure will be of help to others via own contributions to the study and medical research in general. Even then, the participants are prone to suffering life-threatening, serious or unpleasant side effects after taking the 250 mg LOCHOL dosage daily. The possible, or potential, side effects include muscle pain, weakness, rhabdomyolysis, myalgia, LFTs, tenderness, or elevated creatine phosphokinase levels. , the participants will have to spend more than a few days in controlled environments without leaving to attend to their everyday chores.

(Meinert, 2012). There would be no justification for exposing the participants to side effects that may occasion their death continually.


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