Role of Human Resource Management in Government and Non-profit Organizations

Human resource management simply means the procedural process of developing and hiring of employees, it is process of conducting the need assessment and qualification so that the right persons can be identified. Effective human resource management requires a critical analysis of person who suits to working in different sections within the government and Non-governmental organization since mostly they rely on human resource in planning of personnel needs like the salaries and wages.

Role of Human Resource in Government and Non governmental

According to Truss, (2008),human resource is vital in government and the non-governmental organization, a bigger percentage of public organizations rely also on human resource since they are devoted to efficiently managing  the organization because it helps in  enhancing  organization sustainability.

In  a global perspective ,human resource is an important element that ensures  that people needs are satisfied  because it determines the quality and  performance of organization, in return, major decisions affecting the government organization  are elevated  toward recognizing the importance of giving employees their needs so the goals and policies of organization is well implemented. (French &  Goodman 2011).

Challenges faced by Human Resource Management in Non Governmental Organization.

A range  of obstacles have  been experienced  in organization  especially when  implementing  the human resource policies, in particular, there are  new technological  revolution  that has made the working employees  depressed because of  incapability  to operate    computerized devices, to be precise ,the level of their  education and training  skills were excluded from their course thus becoming a challenge in adopting the system, for example, the use of computers in dealing with organization  correspondence  through the use of internet like the e emails , (Pynes, 2013).  Thus they  develop challenges commonly experienced in   both the  Government Non Governmental organization  thus they face  problems in the entire labor force because  of lack of  updating  their skills professions.

In conclusion the government companies needs to exercise clear guidelines in  recruiting employees and even training them so as to ensure an efficient human resource planning.

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