Role Of Women As Army Nurses


Women played a great role in the war as nurses among other supportive duties in the army. The women who were nurses helped treat those who were wounded and those who had been brought back to base. The army had forbidden women to fight in the war and had given them the role of working as nurses among other duties in the military (Favor, 2004). The women, therefore, ventured into new fields that were different from their household domestic duties. As such, their mindset was changed to pursue other occupations after the war. The north has more women in the military due to the presence of the various industries making weapons.

The nurses in the army stood to their male counterparts and thus serving in the military increased their courage. Some of the women maintained the home front while the men were in battle. They, therefore, undertook the duties of ensuring that the army was well managed. Women in the south were much affected by the war since most of their men were in the war.

Apart from being nurses, the woman fought in the war. They changed their names, masqueraded as men without being noticed, and, therefore, bore arms to fight in the war. Some of the women were caught and kept in prison while others valiantly fought in the war. Mary Owens was one such soldier who disguised herself under the name John Evans. They discovered her identity after she was wounded in the war. The women in the war took various roles like spies and privates and helped in fighting the war though their numbers were not disclosed in the war. The women rejected the Victorian way of life where they were supposed to submit and do domestic chores at their respective homes (DAntonio, 2011).

The nurses thus did not only help in treating the wounded and doing domestic chores but further enlisted in the army secretly to serve their country. After the war, they took on other professions related to nursing. They became doctors in various hospitals while other pursued nursing in the hospitals.

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