Why Sampling Frame is The Most Critical Element of Study’s Sampling Plan

The sampling list is made up of the entire items within the population. Apparently, the distinction between sampling frame and population is that the population is common and the sampling frame is targeted on specific thing. For instance, if someone is concerned with investigating the underlying elements which cause patients to be admitted into hospital due to an acute asthmatic attack within a given area, then it is important to determine the names in the entire individuals who have been admitted into the hospital for this reason. Actually, from the list of three individuals, it is then simple to randomly select the suitable number of population’s representative whom can be invited to participate in research. The absence of that sampling frame, then it is a clear indication that there is restriction to less sufficient forms of samples that cannot be indiscriminately chosen, since not all peoples within the population shall have similar probability of being selected for the sample (Smith, Shafi, & Gao, 2007).

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Since it is impossible to just use a list you encounter, then the sampling frame is employed as an adequate for catering for these needs. For example, in various research, sample frame for study are contained with various conditions including inclusion of all individuals in the targeted group; inclusion of the precise details which can be employed to contract the selected population; and exclusion of entire population within the target group. However, some scenarios this can be difficult particularly while trying to obtain the list of the research’s participants within the city due to the fact that various people are scarce. Indeed, sampling frame is considered as an effectual tool since it leads to precise and accurate outcomes in a research (Liang, Park & Guan, 2007).

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