What is social contract theory?

The social contract theory holds that in earliest history man lived in a “state of nature.” No government existed. Each man was only as secure as his own power and mental awareness could make him. By agreeing with one another to make a state by contract, men within a given area joined together, each surrendering […]

Examining Poverty Through a Social Lens

Hervieux & Voltan (2018) define a social problem as an issue that is considered to impact most if not all society members either indirectly or directly. Every time people come together to live in one social setting, conflicts emerge from the differences in opinions concerning political problems, poverty, religion, cultural practices, health, and other hygiene […]

Applied Social Psychology Theories

Social psychology seeks to understand how people think, feel, relate, and influence one another. This sort of influence can be either actual, imagined, or implied, which further means that individuals are predisposed to social influence even when other people are not present. Since the concept of human behavior is a product of the interaction of […]

Contract Formation and Working with Vendors to Ensure Successful Completion of Business Projects

Successful completion of any project highly depends on the success of the procedures put in place to enhance project development. Some of the most important procedures that determine project success include contract management, procurement, proposal assessment, and following the right contract awarding procedure among others. In most cases, the company managing a project needs to […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction Corporate social responsibility can be defined as business practices that involve initiatives that are meant at benefiting society. It could involve different tactics such as engaging in greener business operations and donating a portion of an organization’s proceeds to charitable causes among other strategies (Crifo & Forget, 2015).  Reinhardt, Stavins and Vietor (2008) simply […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics at Speedy Hire Plc

Introduction Corporate social responsibility and ethics look at actions that companies take towards embracing responsibility and encourage positive impact for the company and the society; this is realized when companies can engage with employees, communities, environment, the government, and the consumers. With ethics, the company sets various operational strategies to ensure implementation of required practices […]

Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability – BUACC5934 Financial Accounting

Assignment  Instructions– Ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability Acknowledging the conceptual differences between the three concepts – ethics, CSR and sustainability and their complementariness: Review the 2016 or 2017 annual report for two ASX companies from the following list: BHP, Fortescue Metals Group, Rio Tinto Group with a view to understanding how each company integrates the […]

Issues of Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management – Annotated Bibliography

Alderson, W. (1957). Marketing behavior and executive action.  Irwin: Homewood, IL, 1957. The author of Marketing behavior and executive action article, Alderson, defines the management of a supply chain as the measures and approaches that help harmonize suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses and retailers to actualize specified qualities and quantities of goods, their distribution to the right […]