Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics at Speedy Hire Plc


Corporate social responsibility and ethics look at actions that companies take towards embracing responsibility and encourage positive impact for the company and the society; this is realized when companies can engage with employees, communities, environment, the government, and the consumers. With ethics, the company sets various operational strategies to ensure implementation of required practices in organizational and employee development. The following essay looks at the corporate social responsibility and ethical activities as practiced by Speedy Hire Plc (SpeedyPlc, 2018). This is a limited company based in the United Kingdom specializing in the hiring and contracting business. 

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Corporate social responsibility and ethics at Speedy Hire Plc.

The corporate social responsibility and ethics for speedy hire Plc. is based on its mission which motivates employees and stakeholders in coming up with services that bring about positive reputation and encourage the integration of their services from the provider to the consumer and the community (SpeedyPlc, 2018); this has been realized through various strategies in service delivery. Their approaches are also long-term and ensure that the company has positioned itself in the international markets as a service provider through its 36 years old experience. When looking at the corporate social responsibility and ethics of speedy hire Plc. it can be discussed in different areas as follows.

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In the political environment, the company’s board is made up of a non-partisan, voluntary political action team. The company is legally registered with the responsible authority. In their daily operation, the company also provides its employees with the freedom to create interest groups. In these groups, employees can come up with various support projects that ensure their welfare is met apart from those provided by the company (Jenkins & Yakovleva, 2009). Concerning the community, the company also engages in social responsibility programs like rehabilitation of parks and sites. With this, the company has been given a positive appeal by the citizens. Its operations are also transparent meaning everything they do is compliant with the laws of the country.

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In the social perspective Speed Hire Plc. ensures that its employees work in an all-inclusive environment. This makes them free to share issues, they are free and can support the leader they want without fear of being fired. Also, this is expressed in the way information is shared in the organization. The company has enacted boards, send newsletters, email and Whatsapp group alerts. They continuously conduct working group meetings where managers can meet employees and share issues that are trending in the company. By doing this, the company ensures synergy among its employees and the board. Being open makes employees feel special thus less employee turnover (Georgen, 2009). While experienced employees continue to provide the company with excellent services, its awareness and reputation are also boosted. Other ethical aspects of the company operations are where all employees are required to follow written practices and policies (SpeedyPlc, 2018). This is made possible when the company understands the uniqueness of each employee, meaning they may all come up with different ideas on how to operate the company.

Having a set policy ensures uniformity in approaching managerial and administrative issues thus harmony is increased. Employees are also given time to take care of family and personal matters through days off, insurance plans, leave, retirement plans, performance appraisals, wellness programs and resources for their departments.  Environmental, Speedy Hire Plc.  Also, the company has involved itself in various environmental conservation activities. This is because most of its operations in one way or the other often affect the environment, for example, cutting down of ecological systems, road blockage, noise pollution during on-site construction and resident evacuations (Larcker, Tayan, & Gutman, 2013). This will present negative regard for the company meaning that its corporate social responsibility ensures that invests more in things that matter to the society like education scholarships, employing the locals and reconstruction of sites. 

On the legal grounds, the company has invested a lot in strategic planning; this includes factors like safety and health of their employees and the community. All employees are subjected to machinery training and are insured by the company in case of accidents. Waste control is also essential as it ensures reduction of bad air and disorganization in the community.  The company also has a code of policies about the UK Cadbury report of 1992 (Larcker, Tayan, & Gutman, 2013). The report made recommendations on how companies need to implement corporate governance and ensure that they provide their employees and stakeholders with directions on which the company must head.


In conclusion, Speedy Hire Plc. is among the top rated companies in the united kingdom. When it comes to corporate social responsibility and ethics, the company has executed it so well through proper regulation and monitoring of every aspect of its operations.  Other issues that have enabled the company to do well include training needs, capacity building for employees and establishing a common organizational culture. With these aspects, employees can work more responsibly, become productive while the company meets ethical standards for each of their operations.

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