Amazon Vision Statement Analysis

The amazon business is among the world’s leading ecommerce companies. It offers an online platform where customers can shop and have their products delivered to them at their door steps regardless of their location across the world the Amazon Vision statement states that “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online” (Gregory, 2018). This vision statement provides a roadmap of where the organization intents to be in the future. This vision statement is engaging to all stakeholders since it takes into account the interests of all stakeholders.

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There are three main aspects of this vision statement that makes it more engaging to external stakeholders such as customers, communities, governments, suppliers and creditors. These three aspects of the vision statement include global reach, widest product selection and customer centric approach (Gregory, 2018). The global reach aspect depicts the business’ vision to expand internationally and become the international leader in ecommerce. This aspect is engaging to customers across the world. This is because the realization of this vision will enable them to access the services of the business in all locations across the world. It is also engaging to governments since they will be assured of revenue collection from the business.  Lastly, it is engaging to suppliers because the demand for their supplies will greatly increase with the market expansion (Ayers, 2017).   The second aspect of this stamen that makes it engaging is the customer centric perspective. This aspect is engaging to the customers because it assures them that the business is interested in delivering value to them and responding to their needs and requirements. The third aspect of this vision statement is the side selection aspect. It assures the suppliers that many of their products will be included in the Amazon product portfolio in the long run (Ayers, 2017). Moreover, it assures the customers of the availability of a wide range of products.

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This vision statement is appropriate for the organization in different ways. To begin with, the vision statement is appropriate to the organization’s nature of business. As already noted, the Amazon business deals with e-commerce in which it offers an online platform where customers can shop, order and make payment over online platforms. Therefore this business is not limited by the geographical barriers. As such, the global aspect of this vision acknowledges the fact that the nature of the business allows it to operate globally (Gregory, 2018). Secondly, the vision is appropriate because it is in line with the expansion strategy of Amazon. The main strategy that the Amazon business is using is the expansion of its product portfolio. This strategy is well captured in the vision statement in its commitment to a wide product selection.  The vision statement is appealing to the stakeholders at the cognitive level because it gives rational strategies though which the business will increase its impact on stakeholders. Strategies such as expansion of product portfolio are rational to suppliers since they can understand the ways through which the supply volumes will increase and hence increase their revenue (Ayers, 2017).   It also appeals to the emotions of the stakeholders. The prospects of obtaining any particular product from any part of the world at the convenience of one’s home emotionally appeals to the customers.

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This vision encourages organizational change. It envisions an organization that is able to reach and offer its services to all parts of the world using technology. It is important to note that technology is evolving fast. Therefore, therefore there are bound to be great changes in technology in the future. By opting to use technological platform in its vision statement, the statement allows the organization to change its model of operation in line with the changing technology. Secondly, the statement reiterates the organization’s commitment to being the customer centric. This means that the organization is committed to fulfilling the needs of the customers. Where customer needs and requirements change, this vision statement allows the business to change its organizational model in order to respond to such changing needs effectively. As such, this vision statement encourages and supports organizational change.

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The Amazon vision statement is similar to the Coca-Cola vision statement in different ways. To begin with, both vision statements address their organization’s commitment to increase the product portfolio.  The amazon statement states in part “where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy” (Gregory, 2018). This shows the business’ commitment to increase its product portfolio. Similarly, the Coca-Cola vision statement states in part “Offering the world a portfolio of drinks brands that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs” (Grünig & Kühn, 2018). As such the two vision statements address themselves to the question of expanding the product portfolio. Secondly, the two vision statements address the question of global expansion.  Amazon’s vision statement sates in part “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company”. Similarly the Coca-Cola statement states in part “Being a responsible global citizen that makes a difference by helping to build and support sustainable communities” (Grünig & Kühn, 2018). The major difference among the two vision statements is the fact that while the Coca-Cola vision highlights its commitment to its employees, the Amazon vision statement is silent on this aspect.

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