Schizophrenia and Today’s Youth

Outline Introduction

The research focuses on the topic of schizophrenia and how it affects or influences the life of young people today. Schizophrenia is a mental condition whose symptoms are mostly realized at teenage or before adulthood. The symptoms can also be realized earlier during childhood. However, in most cases, they happen at teenage, a stage where every child is experiencing hormonal, physical and psychological changes in the body. This makes the condition to be more challenging and to initiate advance reaction among youths, and hence creating the need for advance research on the topic. This paper provides an outline on how this research will be conducted.

Literature Review

This section will focus on sourcing information from the existing scholarly literature materials with intention of building the research foundation. Reviewing what is known provides guidance on conducting the researcher on what know regarding a topic. The subsection in this case will include (, n.d.):

  • Problem formulation: Schizophrenia in today’s youth and how it influences their life negatively. Schizophrenia is a lifetime disease that cannot be completely treated, but its symptoms can be controlled.The paper will focus no determining how the disease discovery at this stage affect the life of young people, and how the situation can be managed to reduce the negative impact created by the disease to the youths.
  • Literature Search: The literature will focus on the causes of the diseases, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, preventive measures, treatment, and its impact on youth’s life, especially based on the fact that it impact individual cognitive ability, education, social life, and general wellbeing. The search will concentrate more on peer-reviewed journals and booked to get the background information and research findings on different aspects of the disease.
  • Data Evaluation: The literature that makes remarkable contribution to the understanding of the topic include materials providing general statistics of the affected youth and the advancement of the situation, literature on the possible impact of the disease on the life of young people as well as literature on preventive measures and treatment measures which are evidence based to control the condition.
  • Analysis and Interpretation – this section will summarize the literature findings, denoting is known with regard to disease impact, preventive measures and treatment, to justify the need for further research based on the perspective of the selected topic; or the research gap to be covered through this research.

Program Plan

The program plan section will include (, n.d.):

  • What has worked for the schizophrenia patients in the past and how efficient was the solution
  • What would be the cost of the intervention method and possible achievement with the employed investment
  • The evidence gap


Program Evaluation

The program evaluation section will include (, 2017):

  • List of engaged stakeholders; those affected by the project and project primary users
  • Program description; needs, logical and context model, stage, expected effects, resources, and activities.
  • Design evaluation; purpose, agreements, users, methods, uses, and questions
  • Gathering of evidence; logistics, indicators, quantity, sources and quality
  • Justify the conclusion: standard synthesis or analysis, recommendation, judgment and interpretation
  • Sharing the lessons learned: Dissemination, design, follow-up, preparation, and feedback.

Policy Analysis Paper

Policy analysis section will include (, n.d):

  • Problem definition: Problem to address; schizophrenia in today’s youth, catalyst event or series of events, need for immediate attention, type of the problem, stakeholders’ interest.
  • Establishing Goals: policy goal; Define the best strategy to prevent, minimize or eliminate the negative impact of schizophrenia on the young people; Relation between goal and the problem, organizations involved, regions of focus.
  • Selecting a policy: policy selection; policy on governmental measures to ease schizophrenia impact on youth’s life; considered alternatives, rejection of alternatives and the reason for rejection, possible trader-offs
  • Policy implementation: involved agency, changes made on the policy, importance of the changes and opinion policy implementation by other agencies.
  • Policy evaluation: policy goal achievement, problem solved, policy consequences and cost, cost efficiency and the policy success.

Research Proposal

The research proposal section will include (Al-Riyami, 2008):

  • Title: Schizophrenia and today’s youth
  • Abstract: the summary with all parts of research proposal including the research question, study rationale, the research hypothesis, and the description of the research methodology, design, instrument, sample, and procedures.
  • Introduction: Schizophrenia background information and how it has been influencing life of young people. It will also include the statement of the problem, and the research question context as well as the rationale of the study.
  • Objectives: To determine the schizophrenia impact on today’s youth and to determine how this can be controlled to improve life of youths diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  • Variables: The research will include independent and dependent variables
  • Independent variables: Schizophrenia
  • Dependent Variables: Youths
  • Intervening variables: Preventive and treatment measures
  • Questions and Hypothesis: What are the impacts of schizophrenia on youth’s life? How can this be managed to improve the quality of life of the affected youths?
  • Methodology: The aspects to be addressed in under this topic include research design, research subjects, sample size, intervention, ethical issues, data collection, data analysis and quality control, gantt chat, study significance, result dissemination and budget.

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