Scholar-Practitioner In Clinical Research Administration – Academic and Professional Development

Clinical research administration is one of the rapidly expanding areas in the field of healthcare. Clinical research administrator ensures that new drug testings adhere to the relevant legislations and procedures. A scholar-practitioner in clinical research administration reflects on research, findings, and feedback through application of best practices and thoughts to form the basis for future action (Candidates, Coleman and Alford, 2007). Since successful clinical research improves the quality of care and positively impacts the lives of patients, a scholar-practitioner in clinical research administration must seek more information from data, examinations of best practices, and feedback from stakeholders. A scholar-practitioner in clinical research administration is viewed to be one who actively engages in his occupation and who uses his desire to learn to improve his level of know-how (Candidates, Coleman and Alford, 2007).

Walden’s values regarding academic integrity are of great meaning to a developing scholar-practitioner. The University believes that the cornerstones of all academic processes are student-centeredness, quality, and integrity. Successful clinical research studies acknowledge the ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of animals and human beings as study subjects. Walden’s value regarding academic integrity will guide a developing scholar-practitioner on ensuring that clinical research experiments that use human subjects follow the correct guidelines (Candidates, Coleman and Alford, 2007).

As a scholar-practitioner in clinical research administration, I largely engage in professional or scholarly writing. One of my strengths as a scholarly writer is the willingness to research external sources to gain detailed understanding of the topic and to read about findings by various authors. In addition, I believe in the importance of truth and in the act that some people have more valid viewpoints than others. This strength helps me to decide those points that are worth expressing as well as those that should be ignored. I also believe in the need for acknowledging others’ viewpoints bearing in mind that different people may have varied opinions on the same topic (Hughes, 2008). In such a case, one’s ideas can be very useful for improving another’s level of understanding. The contemporary world presents several opportunities for scholarly or professional writers. For instance, the variations of disease types offer a wide range of areas to be researched and written by scholarly writers. In addition, with advancement in technology, the internet now provides a very good platform for scholarly writers to conduct extensive research on topics to be written about. The best strategy that can help me improve as a scholarly writer is consulting with others in the field in order to learn how things might be done differently for the betterment of clinical research field (Hughes, 2008)..

Today’s clinical research field is one area where multiple health care practitioners with varied levels of experience and education interact (Hughes, 2008). Successful research is therefore possible mainly in instances where critical information is communicated and when health care professionals collaborate to work as a team (Candidates, Coleman and Alford, 2007). Successful leadership depends on effective communication where information flows from the leader to all his or her followers in a timely manner. The two areas related to communication and teamwork are; packaging information in a manner that is relevant to the task at hand, and being mindful to the knowledge of team members. In order to improve my skills in communication and team collaboration, I need to seek for additional training on effective communication and team management strategies (Hughes, 2008).

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