ShareCar App – PESTLE Analysis

This as a tool or framework which marketers use in monitoring and analyzing the macro-environmental (external marketing environment) factors which pose an impact in an organization. Ireland’s economy has been dominated by the service sector, and which approximately it contributes to about 73% to the total GDP. In the year 2009, the country underwent through a global recession but its strong fundamentals led the country to survive the crisis. Ireland has presented strong opportunities for investment in the Information Technology business and it has been one of the leading exporters of Information Technology Business services across the globe (Aithal & Sreeramana, 2016).

For the ShareCar App, the PESTLE analysis which they will follow and due to which they have to gain profits while increasing their customers.

Political Analysis

Ireland is a democratic, independent, sovereign state with a parliamentary government system. Politically, it is a stable country and a net exporter country. Its economic growth is mainly driven by exports and it is intensively involved win trade hence the best place to invest in.

Economic Analysis

Although the economy of Ireland has been through transformation in recent past, it has evolved from agriculture focused economy to IT economy based on high-tech industries and services, investment, constrained in trade and industry.

Social Environment

Ireland’s official languages are English and Irish although most of the public notes are in English as most of the press, and this is favorable for the business plans and investments. The country is considered progressive in terms of social issues.

Technological Environment

Ireland has excellent infrastructure and which meets the requirements of the job market.

Legal Environment

The Ireland government actively promotes investments and this has fueled the growth of the economy. Its investment promotion goal is creation of employment especially in high-skill and technology-intensive industries.

Environmental Analysis

One of the Ireland’s most attractive business environment features is its low corporate tax and this makes it an attractive destination for investment.

ShareCar App Carpool services is a technology platform which will provide children a secure and safe ways to travel; our solution will solve traffic problems especially in school’s drop off lanes by providing families with carpool options and which may forgo sending their children to particular schools due to lack of transportation. Schools will be our customers as they will subscribe to our platform and offer parents a secured online resource and collaborate in determining carpool and shared rides schedules. This service will ensure proper utilization of time and also money. ShareCar will relieve parents from the burden of their kid’s transportation through public means which may not be so safe.

To get more schools to subscribe to the ShareCar service, the business will consider giving some kind of monetary incentives and which the schools will extent to offer to the participants in order to curb the limitation of penetrating to every school. Understanding that more public schools have some different pain points as compared to the private schools, doing some more discoveries with the school administrations to make them understand what technology platforms can tie in; the business will aim at targeting schools which have a high walker student percentage and who do not have any service.

The ShareCar App will be a geolocating technology and which will allow parents to create their car routes with other families. The rides minimum cost will be 8 dollars although it will be representing a saving of 20% to 40% off the cost of a ride with only one child in a single car. The rides will be consisting up to six children with the driver and the riders will be sharing the same drop-off locations, pick up locations or even both. Other features for the ShareCar services will include; Real-time tracking system which will allow parents to exactly know where their children are at, Creating groups and inviting people over through social media platforms, Chatting live with the groups while staying in touch with them all the time, Tracking the estimated arrivals and drop-off times right from the app, Sharing locations with other individuals, Using filters to identify which member is closer to you or the vise versa and creating rosters between individuals which you have invited in the group.

For some of the other companies which have explicit rules of not allowing children under 18 years old in their vehicles with proper supervision of a present guardian, ShareCar App provide parents with a friendly service which will solve most of their daily commuting woes especially to parents with many children and who are engaged in other various activities.

With all the features which the SahreCar App has, connecting to the app is very easy. It only requires one to first download the app, register and accepts the terms and conditions, where after that, one has to invite some other people to the app so that he or she can create a group and a roster. Finally, one has to have a drop off and pick up service according to the roster scheduled between parents.

Porter’s 5 Forces

Porter’s 5 Force model an analyzing tool which utilizes five forces in determining the profitability of a business and its competitive strategy. It analyses and classifies very important forces which affect the competition intensity of a business and its levels of profitability.

Rivalry among Competitors

Competition among the market players will be high and rising like the Uber Company which provides almost the same services as the ShareCar. Our pricing will be the differentiating competition aspect and the App will enable the business attain its competitive advantage.

Threat of New Entrants

Major threats of new entrants will be the initial investment and the economies of scale. The industry is growing fast and economies of the existing players are also reducing which also is expected to affect the profitability level. Barriers to entry like getting skilled drivers and government regulations will also affect the same.

Threat of Substitutes

The biggest threat to this services the substitutes like the public transportation, taxis, and the school based transport services. With the ShareCar App, the technology will allow the group chats via phone rather than meeting in person.

Bargaining Power of Buyers

The prices will be fixed by the business as there is no government interference and they will be pocket friendly.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Major suppliers in the industry will be the car dealers, skilled drivers, and fuel and technology products (Anton & Roman, 2015).

Competitor Analysis

The competitive landscape in which ShareCar will operate is currently occupied by other competitive companies and which have experienced rapid growth overtime. Such companies have been able to procure users through high-adoption rates through offering industry-disruptive services in the Carpool business. ShareCar will disrupt such incumbents through provision of better and value added services to the already widely adopted rideshare ecosystem. With competitors like Uber, who have well developed apps and who overtime have been credited with providing convenient transportation system, they will pose a great competitive challenge to the ShareCar services. The SharCar App has even more advanced features than those of the major competitors like; private chats, variety of payment options, luggage options, passenger contributions, location sharing, driver rating cancelling requests and many other options which are user friendly and convenient to the customer (Hanks &, Emily, 2016).

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