Should a Government have the Right to Ban Religious Expression if the Majority of the Citizenry Supports it?

Normally, a ban should not just be executed because majority supports it, but because it brings a new value to the society and conforms to the laws of the province or a country. Religious symbols are regarded to be important to the minorities who value their religious beliefs and values. They are also protected by freedom of speech and freedom of religion laws in Quebec (CTVNews 1). Such bans undermine such laws. However, when these symbols are likely to be used to undermine the rights of majority, then they should be banned to create a unified society where religion becomes personal affairs. Although it is hard to permit freedom of speech and limit religious rights, it is sometimes necessary when matters of security are in question. Majority support would imply that their use is subjecting majority of people into danger and the public chooses safety or benefits attained by foregoing their diverse religious values. Thus majority support should be an indication that the society is ready for the change and hence, the government should consider the change

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