Facets of International Engagement – Groups Helping to Engage an International Audience

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The first international organization is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID refers to an independent United State Federal government agency that is basically liable for administering civilian development assistance and foreign aid. The organization leads international humanitarian efforts and development to save lives reinforces democratic governance, reduce poverty and assist individuals to progress past assistance. USAID executes the U.S. foreign policy by endorsing extensive-scale human progress and expands free, stable societies, generates trader partners and markets for the U.S., and nurtures good will abroad (USAID, 2018).

USAID is currently working in more than 100 nations across the globe where it promotes international health, supports international stability, empower girls and women, catalyze partnership and innovation, and offers humanitarian assistance. The organization executes its duties based on its operational policy referred to as the automated directives system (ADS) that manages the functions and organization of USAID, together with the procedures and policies which guide the operations and programs of the Agency. ADS has more than 200 chapters arranged in six functional series that include finance and budget, agency legal affairs and organization, management services, programming, human resources, as assistance and acquisition. All these programs focus on transformation. USAID transforms countries, communities, families to ensure that they prosper and thrive. This is done through various means that include reacting to a devastating earthquake, preventing the next international epidemic, or assisting farmers’ access business development tools.

To ensure this, the organization have established offices in all its operational countries where they correct data on various development issues facing the country and establish a strategy to address these issues. It also offers partnership with other international organizations that focus on disaster management and mitigation which is an area I am highly interested in. Natural disasters play a major role in distracting life of the people. They can cause loss of life, loss of properties, as well as mental and physical injuries. Immediate addressing of these issues thus plays a great impact to the future life of the victims. USAID plays a great role in ensuring those affected by disaster recover from shock and life their lives normally USAID, 2018).

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