Live Action Organization – Organizations Impacting Culture

The selected organization is the Live Action organization. Live Action is the leading national human rights and pro-life organizations in America. The organization is committed to stopping abortion and stimulating culture that defends and respects life. The organization was established in 2008, by Lila Rose when she was only 15, as a non-profit, non-partisan organization. The organization started its mission immediately after it formation, by conducting the initial nationally public undercover abortion industry investigation.  Today, Live Action focuses on changing the public opinion on preborn children killing and guards the rights of the most susceptible among us. The organization is achieving this by compelling investigative reporting, human interest storytelling, investigative reporting and educational media. The organization also uses the above means to reveal the preborn humanity and exposing the industry of aborting which exploits women for personal benefits (Live Action, 2018).

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The Live Action focuses on preserving the culture of respecting life by making people understand that life brings conception till natural death. The organization focuses on ensuring that the God’s plan in creation is fulfilled by fighting killing of unborn babies for whatever reasons. It also exposes how abortion is an abuse of women’s rights and how it also endangers life (Live Action, 2018). The organization thus focuses on preserving religious cultural value that focus on respecting life the time the conception takes place since according to religious teachings, that God is involved in the life of a person since conception. Abortion is also a new act that was realized after women revolution. The organization thus focuses on fighting the act, preserving the culture of respecting life as it was when women’s role was to nurture the family. The main strength of the organization is that it is based on religious values and hence its activities are highly supported by religious organizations, especially Catholic church that advocate for pro-life.

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