Patriot Academy – Organizations Impacting Culture

Prompt – The goal is to explain and analyze what the organization is doing to impact the culture. You can focus on the strengths and accomplishments of the group, or you could focus on its weaknesses and suggest ways the group could be more effective.

Patriot Academy Impact on Culture

The selected group is Patriot Academy. Patriot Academy is an American patriots group, with one bold vision of equipping leaders of new generation, to champion the cause of truth and freedom in education, government, entertainment, and media, with the hope of bring the American nation back to its founding principles. The academy takes young women and men between 16 and 25 year-old to visit capitol in various parts of the country, and teach then the philosophy and principles of a Biblical constitutional government. Those youths are also taught the process of the legislative sessions available in the country, and personal skills that enable one to win in life. Youths are also taught the art of persuasion and communication, and how they can to communicate individual thoughts, concisely and clearly with power and passion (Patriot Academy, 2019).

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Patriot Academy shows the ethical, servant leadership principles from the perspective of President Ronald Reagan (Founding Father). It also teaches youths about essential leadership skills, as well as political process in the country, and inspires students to be the light and salt in every area of culture and society. The academy training focuses on taking youths back to the basic principles in which, America was founded on, when it acquired independent and drafted the first constitution. Patriot Academy helps them to understand the culture created by founding father of using biblical principle to make laws of the country (Patriot Academy, 2019).

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By so doing, the academy hopes that the new generation will be able to give positive influence in the country, to ensure the basic biblical principles are applied in making new laws or in making any constitutional amendment. The academy also hopes that the new generation will gain the courage to defend the culture of the country in political platform, and bring change that focus on conserving the basic principles under which America was founded. The group main strength is focusing on young people who are more likely to focus on political change than grownups that are already committed into solving their life problems or that have already accepted the situation as it is. Its man weakness is lack of quorum. The group has not managed to reach out to higher number of youths. Political change is normally won by numbers. The group will only manage to win if it will manage to influence the largest group of youths possible.

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