Should the Compensation of Contingent Workers be the same as Conventional, Full-Time Employees doing Same Work?

In your educated opinion, should the compensation of contingent workers be the same (on a pro-rated basis) as conventional, full-time employees doing the same work? Discuss, bringing in both the strengths and challenges this approach presents.

The payment of contingent workers is currently below the non-contingent workers, especially with regards to benefits. In most cases, benefits are provided to the non-contingent workers as a way of maintaining workers. Nevertheless, most organizations find it unnecessary to pay contingent workers benefits since there is no need to maintain them in the organization. In most cases, contingent workers seek contract with organizations, stating the amount they would wish to be paid, for a certain piece of work that need to be done within a certain period of time. In this case, it is considerably hard to offer them more than they have requested. However, when a contract is required to last for a longer time period that may include six months to three years or more, the organization should consider offering contingent workers with important benefits such as health insurance, and retirement benefits among others. In addition, their basic compensation should match other professionals working at the same position or with the same academic and professional qualification in the market.

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This concept should mostly be applied among individual contractual workers who apply for a position following the company advertisement. Paying them equal compensation makes them feel equally valued and ensure that they provide meaningful contribution to the company. However, it is unnecessary for the organization to offer them benefits meant to enhance retention.  These individuals should only be provided with enough money to compensate them for the work done. The compensation given should match the basic salary of their counterparts in non-contingent employment as a way of honoring their qualification and ability to resolve similar problems in a work environment. 

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