Should Firms offer Benefits to Part-time Workers

Do you think firms should offer benefits to part-time workers? If yes, should they offer benefits such as, paid time-off, a 401(k) plan and health insurance? Or only one or two of the benefits? Explain your recommendation.

Yes, because by offering benefits to part-time workers is particularly smart for organizations that engages in small scale business. First, they have competitive advantage over organization or companies that engages in bigger business. Secondly, small business organization attracts employees who are more experience and skilled over less-flexible organization(Sadler, 2014). Thirdly, most employees that are hire as part-timers transits into full-timers overtime, this means that when part-time employees are offered benefits such as 401(k) plans, paid vacation, discounts on merchandise and health insurance which covers both life and disability, they get motivated to remain in the company until they get the opportunity to be full-timers.

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Analysis indicated that United States lacks the federal law that compels business owners to offer particular fringe benefits to either full-time or part-time employees. In addition, there is no legal definition of part-time or full-time work. Therefore, for the business owner who would wish to offer benefits to part-time employees, it is important to set the minimum working hours per week and monthly for the part-time employees to qualify for the benefits(Sadler, 2014). Most business that offers benefits to the part-time employees have set twenty hours a week in order for the part-time employees to get benefits. The second step is for the business owner to determine the minimum number of hours, weeks, and months or years the part-time employee should stay in the company before becoming eligible to the benefits. Lastly, the employer must determine the minimum contribution the part-time employee must pay to the insurance company in order to get health insurance.

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