Situations that Causes Stress – Serious Fights With My Partner

All of us work very hard to have a peaceful and orderly life. However, this is not always the case. There are always some situations in life that tend to disturb our peace. These situations result to development of stress and distress in someone’s life. Most of the situations that leave me stressed in life include serious fights with my partner. I hate it when we fight and we are unable to resolve a simple matter. I always feel that some small issues can be resolved by accepting mistakes, apologizing, and moving on. However, this is not always the case; some simple issues can aggravate a fight and cause a serious disagreement to a point that we cannot of not even speak to each other for weeks, which is always very stressing.

Death of loved one is another thing that stresses me, particularly if the death involved a young person, in an accident that I feel that it could have been avoided.  It always causes severe pain that create distress. Discomfort in the workplace is another issue that stresses me. It always hurt to employ all my effort in a task, only to be dismissed with hurtful and humiliating words. It becomes hard to understand what one can do to please people and to live in peace. It also creates the uncertainty of what may happen with one’s career, especially when the dismissal appears maliciously made only to bring you down. Another thing that stresses me is being unwell. Sometimes one gets so ill that you have to depend on others to survive.  It is always stressing and annoying to imagine that you have to wait for someone to do an important task for you, which you could have easily accomplished without them if you were fine.

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