Skills I Intend to Acquire in my Doctoral Program

There is a broad range of skills I intend to acquire in my doctoral program, including project skills such as problem-solving, team work, project management, and organizing skills; entrepreneurship skills such as  innovation, networking, and though leadership; communication skills such as writing, language, stakeholder management, and content creation; and information and knowledge skills such as research and data management.

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            As doctoral student who aspires to practice in the modern business environment, I believe problem-solving skills are critical. Nowadays, employers and corporations are looking for executive-level employees with the ability to solve problems and forge long-term solutions. Problems in the current environment are multifaceted and, therefore, require intricate problem-solving skills that are taught at the doctoral level. Doctoral programs provide complex coursework which I believe will allow me to develop these skills through the end.

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            Research and analytical skills are also critical to my practice across industries. In fact, they are applicable in a wide variety of careers. A typical doctoral program provides information about various types of research, research methods, and data analysis. With such knowledge, I will be armed with not only experience but also resources and tools to apply in broad situations.  For example, a PhD in management may be leveraged in finding careers as diverse as directing an academic institution to conducting management research for a government agency. Research and analytical skills are, undoubtedly, universal skills that every doctoral student should aim to acquire.

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            A larger segment of the aforementioned skills are applicable in both academic and non-academic settings. This is an advantage that could come as a benefit for me. Today, many academic and non-academic institutions are hiring PhD graduates because of the advanced skills they have. If higher education does not offer an opportunity, which is highly doubtful, then large corporations, public firms, and governments are likely to have work roles that involve data analysis.

            Above all, I hope to continue developing critical communication skills since they are indispensable in professional and non-professional applications. Every industry, regardless of scope and type, needs professionals who are capable of demonstrating good communication, writings skills, and critical thinking. The current doctoral program develops these skills even in candidates who had acquired them in earlier programs. Communication plays a critical role in the life of a professional. Professions require individuals to communication ideas, thoughts, emotions, and data either verbally or non-verbally in order to propel a project or simply play a given role. In reality, communication is a continuous process that begins from the cradle to the grave. Individuals and organizations cannot survive without healthy communication. Communication is needed to foster strong partnerships, relay information within the organization, and to promote products or services. It is important, therefore, for any professional to communicate clearly, efficiently, and accurately.            

In conclusion, I look forward to obtaining a comprehensive set of skills which will improve me personally and professionally. With the aforementioned skills, I stand a chance to increase opportunities and credibility.  I acknowledge that a doctoral degree is a significant undertaking that demands commitment and perseverance, but it is through such feat that one acquires essential skills that result in upward mobility. Apart from skills, there are many more aspects to think through when earning a doctoral degree. I believe the current program will enable me soar high and achieve my professional and personal ambitions.

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