Social Problems In Societies

Many people try to combat social issues through voting in leaders who can advance their ideas by empowering people and ensuring that there is sustainable development in the area. Some of the social problems are unemployment which may vary from gender inequality, education attained and also ethnical groups which are termed as disadvantaged. Also, there is problem of neighbourhoods where they abuse drugs and alcohol. Often in such situations, you find that there is a high rate of school drop -out. In addition, social problems occur when there are social inequalities where you find gender; disabilities race and age affect the way person is treated in the society.

Social problems in the society are experienced in the workplace where workers goes through sexual harassment, wage inequality, race inequality and also gender inequality where worker are grouped depending on their race and gender. Also, the social issue exists through an environmental problem where dumping site are located to the class of people living in certain towns such as low-income earners and minority groups. Abortion is also an issue where some centres argue that embryo is a human and therefore has a right as human to live. In addition, public health is also a huge problem concerning the society as a whole since there are some infectious diseases that quickly spread and affect large number of members in a society .(Wilkinson, R. G., & Pickett, K. 2009)

In conclusion, there are three critics or perceptions that try to solve a social problem. They include functionalist perception which states that solution to a social problem should take the form of social reforms rather than sudden and far-reaching change despite their negative effects on social problems. Second critics state that social problem arises from a fundamental fault in the structure of a society and both reflect and reinforce inequalities base on social class race gender and other dimensions. A third theory is symbolic interactions which talk about the interaction of individual where people learn social problematic behaviours from those people who surround them.

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