Five Distinct Steps of Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning process involves five distinct steps that can be summarized as; identification of the organization’s mission, location of organization’s objectives, situation analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and control (National Alliance for Media and Culture, 2009). This paper provides a strategic planning and management process for Hospital Corporation of America. Hospital Corporation of America provides healthcare services mainly in the United States of America. The organization’s mission is that, it is “committed to the care and improvement of human life.” Hospital Corporation of America’s vision is to become the healthcare provider of choice for people across the United States of America. Values that guide the company include; kindness, compassion, fairness, honesty and integrity, trust, loyalty, dignity, and respect. The company’s main objective is to deliver cost effective and high quality healthcare in the communities it serves.

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Situation analysis involves examination of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Corporation of America. The company’s strengths include strong leadership and competent staff. Its weaknesses include limited resources and overdependence on external funds. The major opportunity and threat of Hospital Corporation of America are technological advancements and federal regulations respectively. Hospital Corporation of America has formulated several strategies. For instance, the hospital strengthens organizational effectiveness, and it optimizes resource acquisition, allocation and utilization. Hospital Corporation of America implements its strategies by communicating these strategies to stakeholders. The company has set standards of performance that it uses to measure actual performance to ensure quality and control of services offered (Hospital Corporation of America, 2010). The whole strategic planning and management process is shown in the appendix section below.

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