V&T Service Agency Strategic Plan


            The Chairperson of V&T Governing Board along with respective members of the board developed this strategic plan to provide the organization with a five-year roadmap for services, support and development. The board and managerial staff will review the progress of the plan’s implementation on a quarterly basis and update it yearly as they deem fit. The plan’s formulation relied heavily on contributions made by the directors and the staff alike. V&T’s strategic committee consisted of eight board members and five representatives from the organization’s managerial staff. The committee, together with several past members of the board, met thrice to discuss on the mission, vision, and the core operating values that inspire the organization’s strategy. V&T’s staff helped in the coordination of the planning process and offered support to the committee in the formulation and completion of this plan. By use of the Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool principles, it facilitated the planning process and conducted an environmental scan to assess the challenges and opportunities that the organization is bound to face in its five-year plan.

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Executive Summary


            V&T Service Agency’s mission is: Realizing a full satisfactory life for people living with disabilities.

Statement of Purpose

V&T Service agency was founded in 1963 as a non-profit volunteer support group. Currently, the organization supports nearly 3000 people, including adults and children, with disabilities along with their families. It also provides employment to more than 1000 people. Besides providing basic support to individuals of all ages and their families, the agency offers services that include but are not limited to job placement, respite care, residential services, social activities, vocational training, and relief to caregivers of people with disabilities. Other auxiliary services are related to the provision of referral service and information, education, and advisory support to communities concerning disabilities and special needs. V&T is widely acclaimed for its affiliation with government organizations, corporations, hospitals, and educational institutions, which it collaborates with in its undertakings of public service improvement and creation of awareness pertaining to diverse disability issues.

Direction and Results

The objectives and strategic direction featured in this plan represent V&T’s rejoinder to its comprehension of the needs of its clients as well as the existing challenges and opportunities for providing quality assistance to people with disabilities within the community. The five-year period included in this strategic plan will function as a phase of augmenting and boosting the organization’s approach to its work and mission. At the same time, the organization will play a leadership role in exploiting more community resources and engage more helpers to help in achieving its new mission.

With a new perspective of the mission, a comprehensive understanding of its services, and the understanding of its environment, V&T service agency seeks to engage in the following strategic direction:

  1. The V&T Service Agency will evaluate and strengthen its current supports and services to ensure seamless and effective functioning of programs directed toward the sponsorship and support of people with disabilities.
  2. The V&T Service Agency will evaluate the needs of its clients as well as those of the community in order to recognize gaps that exist in its service delivery. This evaluation will serve as a foundation for the expansion of the current scope of services.
  3. V&T will play a leadership role by collaborating with other service providers in order to support children and adults with disabilities.
  4. V&T will examine the feasibility of expanding its visibility in the society with an objective of exploiting the potential of volunteers.
  5. The V&T Service Agency will give emphasis to its discretionary financial resources to subsidize quality services including the establishment of the capability to serve people with disabilities and the formation of a maintenance funding system that will support the organization’s property assets.


The following organizational goals for the next five-year period characterize V&T’s response to the matters highlighted in the environmental scan that was carried out during the planning process. They provide a roadmap for achieving the strategic direction above.

            Service Delivery. The V&T agency will offer model support for children and adults with disabilities wrong with their facilities either through direct means or via collaboration and referrals with other partners in the following areas: residential support, family education, employment opportunities, as well as leisure and recreation activities.

            Human Resources. The V&T Service Agency will establish a highly motivated and qualified workforce that will actively participate in the organization’s operations to ensure the achievement of the mission.

            Resource Development. The V&T Service Agency will establish itself to be a visionary, well-respected, discernible, non-profit organization that draws sponsors and volunteers to contribute to the development of its services and the funding system. Successful enactment of this plan will result in quality service delivery to clients, an increased number of clients in the V&T community, and a variety of resourced directed towards the support and sustenance of people with disabilities.

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5-year Vision for the V&T Service Agency

Vision Statement

            The agency’s new vision statement reads: To inspire happier communities by advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities.”


            In the year 2022, the life of children and adults with disabilities will greatly benefit from improved services, innovative technologies, and inclusion by the community. Concurrently, the needs of people with disabilities will remain diversified and extensive as a result of population booms and multiple diagnoses. While the community’s acceptance of people with disabilities is expected to improve, inclusion efforts will still be ongoing. Ultimately, people with disabilities will have more power to control the resources that safeguards their survival as well as who provides support. Their options will be varied.

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Role and Program Services

The V&T Service Agency is a leading organization in the identification and combining all forms of resources and services for people with disabilities as well as their families in the country to support long-term inclusion and consideration. The organization also plays a leadership role in the promotion of full long-term participation and inclusion in the society in addition to involving disabled persons in the accomplishment of this agenda.

Funding Resources

            While V&T Service Agency continues to depend on government contracts for funding, it maintains an intensive fundraising program for collecting resources from private donors and well-wishers.

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Mission Breakdown

            V&T’s mission is: “Realizing a full satisfactory life for people living with disabilities.” The organization presents a clearer mission statement in this plan. The statement reflects the organization’s commitment to the support and promotion of the inclusion and contribution of people with disabilities in the community. This is by means of ensuring the protection of their rights as well as the realization of their full potential. Satisfactory life implies the opportunity for all people with disabilities to take part with their families, friends, workmates, and other esteemed relationships in living a happy and fulfilled life (Rousseau et al., 2017). The V&T Service Agency seeks to include individuals of all ages from birth to senior years.

Best Practices

The following list encompasses the best practices that shape V&T as an upright and effective organization that serves diverse communities, families, and individuals.

  • Caring Attitude: V&T demonstrate compassion and care for all people with disabilities and accordingly offer them support. As part of this core value, the organization educates the community about the importance of showing concern for those with disabilities.
  • Diversity: The V&T is aware that people with disabilities are from different backgrounds and that they have different personal statuses.
  • Individualized support: The V&T Service Agency appreciates that the needs of each individual are different and can vary with time.
  • Respectfulness: The V&T agency respects the choices of people with disabilities and thus encourages individual clients to take control over their lives.
  • Responsiveness: The V&T Agency assesses problems faced by people with disabilities and seeks solutions to meet their needs through direct services and referrals.
  • Accountability and Integrity: The V&T Agency maintains integrity in all its operations and ties all administrative, outreach, and services activities directly to the mission. It also promotes transparency while reporting its records.
  • State of the Art Practices: The V&T Service Agency relies on the best approaches available in order to deliver quality services in accordance with its mission statement.

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The organization’s “primary customer” is all people with disabilities who it seeks to help achieve full community participation.

SWOT Analysis

      The following section summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as identified by members of the board after the environmental scan.


            The key strength of V&T Service Agency is its verified ability to offer unsurpassed services to people with disabilities to help them live a satisfactory life. The workforce is fully committed to the achievement of the mission and is well trained to handle challenges with innovation and creativity. The organization has an outstanding reputation and is well regarded by other service providers as a successful provider.


            Critics have pointed at the immense growth of the V&T Service Agency as a cause for increased difficulty with supervision, lack of proper coordination between different departments, challenges with human resources, and uneven administrative support. There is a need to improve the current management practices, optimize the use of resources, and capitalize on the use of technology. The employment program is a main cause of concern considering the current state of tracking, recruitment, and training. There is also a call for more recreation and social services to the society.


            The following opportunities bear the most weight to V&T Service Agency.

  • Educational institutions and businesses are increasingly showing acceptance for the inclusion and employment of people with disabilities (Simplican, Leader, Kosciulek, & Leahy, 2015).
  • The country boasts a wide range of resources including institutions that are ready to work with people with disabilities, access to volunteers, and interested community colleges (Fisher, Peterson, & Albert, 2015)
  • There is a widespread need for recreational and leisure activities for disabilities which may draw in more volunteers and enhance the quality of life. V&T can tap into this opportunity by partnering with other service providers and the community (King, Rigby, & Batorowicz, 2013).
  • The increased diagnosis of autism in patients could mean a new consumer population for V&T (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).


            The following threats are the most significant for V&T:

  • Overdependence on government support particularly with regard to the residential funding stream threatens the future sustainability and autonomy of the organization.
  • The cost of staffing and providing services renders operations hard to maintain (Mittler, 2015). The agency needs to increase its funding streams.
  • Because of the high number of nonprofits in the country, donors and well-wishers are likely to discontinue support to one provider.
  • The presence of an aging population implies that there is an aging workforce and an aging clientele (Heller, Fisher, Marks, & Hsieh, 2014; Ryan, Taggart, Truesdale‐Kennedy, & Slevin, 2014; Zimmer, 2016).
  • Employment of people with disabilities is hard, especially in tough economic times (Zyskowski, Morris, Bigham, Gray, & Kane, 2015).

Strategic Direction and Priorities

            According to the board of directors of V&T Service Agency, the next 5 year-period will serve as a time for evaluating and intensifying the organization’s approach to its work. At the same time, the agency will play a leadership role in broadening the accessible resources as well as assess the feasibility viability of engaging more volunteers.

  • The V&T agency will explore and augment its support services to ensure that they are supreme and working effectively in line with the organization’s mission. This approach concentrates on community participation and involvement of the consumer in decision-making processes.
  • The V&T Service Agency will further evaluate the needs of its clientele in order to identify areas that need improvement and opportunities that require capitalization.
  • The V&T Service Agency will play a leadership role in collaborating with other service providers to recognize and satisfy the needs of people with disabilities. This will ensure quality and avoid duplication. The organization may also serve as a “broker” of service where necessary.
  • The V&T agency will examine the possibility of extending its visibility in the community with an objective of drawing more volunteers. The agency will explore the feasibility of creating a support network that reinforces volunteers and highlight the positive role they play in safeguarding the rights and entitlements of people with disabilities.
  • The V&T Service Agency will lay emphasis on establishing flexible financial resources to advance quality services. This includes the protection of the organization’s property assets and empowering the endowment.

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Goal Areas

Service Delivery

The following goals and objectives will guide V&T Service agency toward the achievement of the strategic direction. The agency aims to offer model supports either through direct means, collaboration, or referrals with regard to the following fields:

  • Leisure and recreation activities
  • Employment support
  • Community living and support or residential support.
  • Education and Family support.


  1. Employment Support
  2. People disabilities secure more employment positions in various organizations and receive satisfying rewards.
  3. Referral for employment opportunities increase and training upsurges.
  4. Corporate enterprises recruit more people with disabilities than what was seen before.
  5. Public policy increasingly favors people with disabilities.
  6. Community living and support or residential support
  7. The number of clients receiving service from V&T Service Agency increases in the country including those who obtain retirement assistance, individual support service, day support, and residential support.
  8. Consumers enjoy a range of options and receive quality support in both social and recreational dimensions.
  9. The community integrates more people with disabilities in the community leading to more social interaction.
  10. Education and Family Support
  11. People with disabilities along with their families utilize a structured approach for designing strategies of living through all phases of transition from birth to end of life.
  12. More consumer consider V&T as their primary provider of support services.
  13. Capacity Building and Service Delivery
  14. The needs of people with disabilities and their respective communities are evaluated on a yearly basis to determine existing gaps and opportunities.
  15. Current trends in service delivery are explored on a yearly basis.

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Human Resources

The V&T Service Agency will hire a highly skilled and motivated workforce to deal with its operations and deliver services according to its mission.


  1. The workforce understands well the organization’s mission and how its contribution results in the mission’s achievement is.
  2. The V&T Service agency demonstrates its high capacity to attract wellwishers and retains a highly skilled workforce.
  3. The V&T Service Agency successfully implements a professional development program to reinforce supervisory capacity in mid-level management

Resource Development

The V&T Service Agency retains a good reputation and remains noticeable and reliable non-profit organization that appeals a huge number of volunteers and increased support to its endowment funding as well as service delivery.


  1. Establish a volunteer program that deals with tracking, recruitment, and training.
  2. Harmonize the current communication plan with this plan.
  3. Utilize strategic communication to attract more people in the organization’s course.
  4. Volunteers who work closely with V&T agency increase in number.
  5. More families are involved in support and collaboration.
  6. Increase in endowment fund by $2 million.

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Stakeholder Roles

Board of Directors and the Managerial Team

The board of directors will safeguard the organization’s mission and purpose, hire and work with support staff, give financial oversight, manage resources efficiently, and communicate with the community.

Support Staff

V&T support staff will follow the guidelines given by the managerial staff to provide services and actively engage in service delivery to people with disabilities in the community. The staff will also team up with volunteers and well-wishers.

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Volunteers will work closely with support staff and V&T managerial team to ensure the achievement of the mission with regard to funding and service delivery.

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The community will collaborate with V&T in the advocacy and sponsorship of activities that promote the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in the society.

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The following table summarizes the solutions and recommendations for the upcoming years. It outlines the goals of the organization, in addition to the current operations for V&T’s board of directors and staff in each years included in the strategic plan.

YearSummary of Activity
1Service Delivery Transfer the organization’s attention from strategic planning to the implementation of the strategic plan.Reorganization of staff and administrative departments. Resource Development Align the communication strategy with the strategic plan Develop specialist position
2Service Delivery Partner with businesses in the countryProgram coordinators work together to coordinate and strengthen integration of programsDevelop capacity of new support teamsStrengthen delivery or programs through effective exploitation of resourcesDevelop a maintenance funding system and secure the first fundingPlan for more volunteersBuild capacity resource development
3Service Delivery Come up with support strategies and training for dealing with life cycle transitionsExpand internship programsPut in place assessment procedures to evaluate the satisfaction of the organization’s servicesStrengthen the delivery of servicesFormalize the professional development process Human Resources Realize a new structure of the staff committee Resource Development Hire a volunteer coordinator and implement a services plan for volunteersInstigate fundraising events
4All Goals Community Access Specialist concentrates on building skills for the community and people with disabilitiesEstablish an expanded plan of delivering servicesDeveloping and stabilizing new initiativesDedicate a portion of resources to community support activities Resources Continue to support the staff development program Resource Development Continue to augment the volunteer programEnsue with resource development attempts.
5All Goals Prepare a new strategic plancontinue to develop and stabilize new initiatives and activitiesAssess the lessons learnt and identify barriers to success of the organization’s operations

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